ZAFUL Sales Soar

Non-contact consumption and “home economy” are the most mentioned consumption trends during this epidemic. In this context, the clothing industry has also faced many challenges. In addition to the impact of the logistics supply chain, the most direct result is that many brands have closed their offline stores. The global fast fashion brand ZAFUL, a subsidiary of Global Tesco, a leading cross-border e-commerce company, said that consumers experienced a period of “quiet period” under the overseas epidemic. Home shopping enthusiasm broke out, and the number of orders on the platform began to soar.

“The traffic of the ZAFUL platform increased significantly in April. The traffic in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada soared. From the traffic structure, direct visit traffic accounted for 44.74% and search traffic accounted for 39.97%, indicating that our user stickiness and The retention rate is relatively high,” said the person in charge of ZAFUL platform operations.

Affected by the overseas epidemic, many brands’ offline marketing activities that were originally scheduled to be held are also making timely adjustments in response to changes in the general environment. ZAFUL will carry out various brand activities every year, keeping up with the trend and launching new brand clothing. Due to the epidemic, the New York pop-up store plan in the spring of 2021 had to be postponed.

Under the epidemic, changes in the clothing industry are also very obvious, such as emergency conversion of production and adjustment of business strategies, live broadcast of goods, emergency research and development and manufacturing of masks, etc., from luxury goods giants to fast fashion brands to reduce the impact of the epidemic. In the face of challenges, ZAFUL has its own set of epidemic response strategies.

Respond quickly to the challenge of the epidemic and connect consumers with brand temperature

During the epidemic, ZAFUL specially launched an epidemic prevention guide on the website, adding instructions for identifying masks, allowing consumers to master scientific protection methods and win the battle against epidemic prevention. At the same time, ZAFUL sells qualified and certified medical masks at cost price. The original price of $3.20 masks is given back to consumers at $0.5, providing basic protective materials for the people in need, which has played a great role in comforting brand consumers.
In addition, ZAFUL actively fulfills its corporate social responsibility, donating nearly 20,000 masks to a California hospital through LiveMe, a joint live broadcast partner of Cheetah Mobile, and also donated 2500 masks to nurses, anchors and staff on the LiveMe live broadcast platform. His meager power has helped fight the global spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

At present, the main test of the global epidemic on cross-border e-commerce is reflected in the logistics and supply chain. ZAFUL has its own warehouse, which disinfects the goods every day. The staff responsible for packaging and shipping conduct daily temperature checks and strictly wear masks and gloves to ensure that the packages are delivered to consumers in a safe state.

During the epidemic, in order to ensure the timely delivery of packages, ZAFUL strengthened its monitoring of logistics channels and added a payment reminder workflow to ensure that the delivery of packages was not delayed as much as possible. By giving priority to local warehouse logistics delivery, ensure the timeliness and reduce transportation risks; by extending the return and exchange time to 60 days, customers can return without worry; through customer service online to communicate with consumers well to solve the problems in the shopping process, Improve consumer service experience.

Home fitness fashion enthusiasm is high, ZAFUL accelerates the deployment of sports categories

After overseas quarantine due to the epidemic, people’s health awareness has skyrocketed. Stackline data shows that overseas people’s demand for load training equipment has increased by 307%. Judging from the shopping features of “Iron Girls”, they don’t forget to buy professional clothing and equipment while exercising at home. “Sports expenditures such as fitness exercises” have become one of the main expenditures for women at home. ZAFUL has a keen insight into consumer demand trends, and has newly listed sports-related clothing and equipment on the website. Consumers can wear various clothes even at home, shape and exercise. They can also receive medical masks with orders over $79. Praise.

There is still a long time before the global epidemic is fully controlled. When the fast-paced life is suddenly pressed down, the resonance and recognition of the brand’s inner, connotation and value have reached unprecedented emotional depth, focusing on health and sustainability. Brands can satisfy people’s pursuit of health, quality and reliability. There is no doubt that ZAFUL is practicing its brand temperature and values, and has gained consumer recognition.

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