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Each place has its own unique local diet such as ramen in Lanzhou, wonton in Northeast China and dumplings in Tianjin. In addition to hot pot, Chongqing, one of the three main stoves, should be small noodles, which are inseparable from Chongqing people.

Today, I came to a small noodle restaurant on the corner to eat noodles. Like most small noodle restaurants in Chongqing, there are less than 10 square meters here, and the decoration is not luxuriousjust be careless. In fact, Chongqing people do not like the noodles that are too well decorated but prefer the simple roadside noodles stalls. Because in such an environment, only eating noodles has a taste and a sense of simplicity and freshness. After ordering 100g vegetable noodles, I waited for the table. To be honest, despite the miscellaneous sauce noodles, beef noodles and so on, I still prefer small noodles. Just like instant noodles, dozens of new flavors still can’t catch up with the original braised beef noodles. New is not necessarily good, it’s true about noodles. And my impression of facets is like that of Chongqing people who are simple, honest and straightforward.

The master first threw a handful of noodles into the pot, then put a little rattan. Before the noodles were ready, the chef began to make seasonings. Chongqing small noodles are very particular about seasoning. Such as pepper, garlic water, peanuts, pickles and so on, a total of more than ten ingredients. It is said that chili peppers should be used up on the same day to keep their taste fresh. Finally, the master pulled the noodles out of the pot, and I could smell the unique fragrance of the noodles drifting gradually.

Chongqing people are naturally fond of spicy food, which is inseparable from Chongqing’s humid climate. People who have lived in Chongqing for a long time always feel that they have less taste in their mouths. Hot pot and noodles satisfy the appetite of Chongqing people, and also make them bold and upright. The hotness of Chongqing is not the same as that of Hunan. The hotness of Chongqing is both hotness and hotness, not blindly hotness. If you come to Chongqing, don’t just keep your eyes on hot pot, you’d better try the noodles of Chongqing in person. Chongqing people eat hot pot very often, but they can’t eat it every day, and eating noodles is different from that. As long as you miss noodles or can’t resist the aroma of street noodles, you can get two fifty cents from your bag to solve your problem. Are you afraid you won’t find a noodle stall on the streets of Chongqing? Unable. Chongqing people’s love for small noodles is indescribable.

I still vaguely remember that the small noodles were sold for only one or two yuan eight or nine years ago. Within ten years, the small noodles’money doubled. The income of residents has doubled in the past ten years, which shows that Chongqing small noodles are closely related to the life of Chongqing people.

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The upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River economic zone includes Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, and Jiangxi. Building a specialized production base of rice and cotton in agricultural areas and a deep processing industry based on agricultural products. Building raw material base dominated by steel and non-ferrous metallurgy, and the third-largest automobile industry base in China (Wuhan) and other transportation equipment industry base (motorcycle manufacturing in Chongqing).
Chongqing -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
The upper and middle reaches of the Pearl River economic zone includes Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. Constructing it into a research and development and production base of Chinese herbal medicine and biological products, the scenic belt along the Pearl River features the landscape of Guilin, the spring scenery of Kunming, the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou and the customs of ethnic minorities.
Guiling -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
Inner Mongolia economic zone. Giving full play to the advantages of coal, natural gas, water, and other energy resources there intensifying large-scale exploitation of these resources and becoming a new energy production base in China as soon as possible. Energetically developing high-energy-carrying raw material industries, protecting and making good use of natural grassland resources, and building a number of sand industrial bases.
Huhhot -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
Xinjiang economic zone. To build the largest cotton production base in China, vigorously develop oasis agriculture, accelerate the development of deep processing industry of agricultural products, strengthen the exploration and development of oil and natural gas resources, and build the largest continuous area of oil production in China,establish sand industry base.
Urumqi -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau economic zone includes Qinghai and Tibet. The main task is to protect the ecological environment of the roof of the world. Choosing the development of the superior resources, and adopting the protection type of development mode, avoiding the small-scale and decentralized resources development mode. Developing modern grassland animal husbandry, fence animal husbandry, and characteristic ethnic customs tourism.
Lhasa -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
These are the general situation top 10 financial centers in China in 2019.

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China is a country with a large population. There are top 10 most populous cities in China 2019.
Chongqing, situated at the Chinese southwest, is the biggest area, the most population and also only interior municipality of china. It is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government of China. According to the latest data, Chongqing’s population totaled 30.48 million in 2017, ranking first among all the cities in the country. Such a large population is even larger than the total population of many provinces.Chongqing - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
The population of Shanghai is 23.01 million. It is the economic center of China and one of the transportation, technology, industry, finance, exhibition and shipping centers. Shanghai port ranks first in the world in terms of cargo throughput and container throughput. And the transportation of Shanghai is convenient with its superior geographical position and as a good harbor.Shanghai Wai Tan - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Beijing has a population of 21.61 million. It is the capital of China, a famous historical and cultural city, and the largest city in the north of China. It is the national political center, cultural center, international exchange center, science and technology innovation center. Many young people choose to come to Beijing to make a career. The population of Beijing is increasing gradually.Beijing - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Chengdu has a population of 14.04 million. It is the largest city in the southwest and one of the western economic centers in China. In 2015, it was approved by the state council and upgraded to an important national high-tech industrial base, trade and logistics center and comprehensive transportation hub.Chengdu -Jingli - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Tianjin has a population of 12.93 million. It is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government, one of the northern economic centers, the national advanced manufacturing research and development base, the northern core area of international shipping, the financial innovation operation demonstration zone, and the reform and opening up pilot zone.Tianjin - The Eye of tianjin