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July 13, 2021

ZAFUL: Breaking the Game in 5 Years and Entering the Top Global Fast Fashion Brand

Recently, the 35-year-old American fast fashion brand Forever21 announced its withdrawal from China and will close all its stores in China. With consumers’ upgrade iterations, personalized []
June 22, 2021

SHEIN Who Was “Criticized” for Infringement

According to relevant media broke the news, recently, SHEIN has once again fallen into a plagiarism storm. However, this time the topic of boycotting SHEIN seems []
June 2, 2021

ZAFUL is Popular in Europe and America

ZAFUL is a self-operated clothing brand under Shenzhen Globalegrow E-Commence. It was launched in 2014, focusing on the European and American markets. It ranked 23rd in []
May 23, 2021

Does Zaful Ship from China

Recently for my Hawaii trip, I ordered a bunch of bathing suits from Zaful. I didn’t want to spend too much but wanted some cute new []
April 8, 2021

2020 Top 10 Xianxia Novels

Many readers once said when watching Wangyu’s “The Legend of Mortal Cultivation”, “After a mortal, there will be no immortal chivalry”, to express their love for []
March 31, 2021

2020 Best Wuxia Novels

Jin Yong wrote a lot of classic martial arts(Wuxia) novels before, and now the era has become more developed, and more people like to read novels []
March 15, 2021

Is Zaful Legit and Safe

In recent years, the Internet, e-commerce is generally among the buyers, many marketing options are huge. Overall, it is much easier to buy and sell internationally []
February 15, 2021

Noodles in Shannxi China – A Brief Introduction

People in Shaanxi China love to eat noodles. There are many noodles restaurants on the streets of Shaanxi. Someone has roughly calculated that there are about []
February 15, 2021

Six Top Sects of Chinese Wushu

The sixth place is the Kongtong School, which has a long history and has been recorded in the ancient dictionary Erya of Qin and Han Dynasties. []
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