Made in China Says and Allusions

July 14, 2022

What Does Ga Zi Tou Gou Mean in Chinese?

Gazi Tou Gou meaning: 1. This stalk is used by netizens to ridicule Xie Mengwei‘s new movie “Sniper Tough Guy“, which is like stealing dogs from []
June 22, 2022

What Does Versailles(Fanersai) Mean in Chinese?

Versailles(Fanersai) literature, short for Fanxue, is an online buzzword; it is also a language form in which language users express dissatisfaction or inadvertently show their superiority []
May 14, 2022

What Does Emoha Mean in Chinese?

What does emoha mean? Everyone should be familiar with the meaning of emo, and it is also a commonly used expression of a state. It is []
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