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Yang Zi, Zhang Wanyi, and Deng Wei Star in Epic New Wuxia Drama Lost You Forever(长相思)

Lost You Forever World

In the realm of Chinese television dramas, few genres captivate audiences with the same enchantment as wuxia romance. Among the treasures that have graced screens is “长相思” (Lost You Forever), a 2023 Chinese drama that transcends time and space, immersing viewers in a tale of fate and love. Based on the novel of the same […]

The Latest List of Top 10 Chinese Novels in 2021

The Tribulation of All Clans

The ranking is in no particular order, just to share wonderful novels with you. “Lord of Mysteries” 《诡秘之主》 The pinnacle work of the squid who loves diving, Qidian‘s first serialized novel with more than 100,000 orders. The reason why it only ranks third in 2020 is that the novel ended in early May. And it […]

2020 Top 10 Xianxia Novels

Many readers once said when watching Wangyu’s “The Legend of Mortal Cultivation”, “After a mortal, there will be no immortal chivalry”, to express their love for mortals and their unfulfilled expectations for the subsequent fairy chivalry novels. However, I think there are still many fine Xianxia novels that are worth seeing every year, and some […]

2020 Best Wuxia Novels

Jin Yong wrote a lot of classic martial arts(Wuxia) novels before, and now the era has become more developed, and more people like to read novels on the Internet, so what good online Wuxia novels are there now? The editor brings you the top ten in the 2020 online Wuxia novel rankings. 1. “Phoenix Trees […]

Top 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019 Part 1

Chinese Wuxia novels are a type of popular fiction in China. Most of them are portrayed as heroes by knight-errant heroes, describing their acts of martial arts, bravery, justice or rebellion. In the long history of the development of martial arts fiction, many excellent writers have emerged. They have written many excellent martial arts masterpieces, […]