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When I say beef noodles, I mean beef noodles in Lanzhou, which is a traditional snack in Lanzhou, Gansu Province. Lanzhou beef noodle is one of the top ten noodles in China. It has a long history and unique taste, and is well-known throughout the country and even influencing the world. Here is the history of Lanzhou beef noodles to share with dear netizens.

Chinese Lanzhou Beef Noodles Traditional Style

According to historical records, Lanzhou beef noodles originated in the Tang Dynasty, and have a history of more than a thousand years. But at that time, because of the complex process and materials, it was always the food for the rich. It was not the common people’s food until the early Qing Dynasty that Lanzhou had its first beef noodle restaurant. In the history of the Qing Dynasty, Chen Weijing, the founder of Lanzhou ramen, was a student of the Imperial Supervisor of the State during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty.

At that time, the noodles were called hot pot noodles, which was first created by Ma Baozi in 1915. Ma Baozi’s family was poor. He made hot pot beef noodles at home for his livelihood. He carried them around the streets and peddled them. Later, he added boiled cattle and sheep’s liver soup to beef noodles, which smelled good, and people liked his beef noodles. Seeing this situation, he opened his own shop, instead of hawking along the street, he thought about introducing a free way to enter the shop. When the guests came in, the man immediately brought a bowl of delicious beef soup for the guests to eat.

Since then, Ma Baozi’s reputation for beef noodles has been expanding. Between 1925, Ma Baozi’s beef noodles were taken over by his son, Ma Jiesan, who inherited his father’s traditional advantages and continuously improved his beef noodles. Later, Ma Baozi was given the reputation of stopping when people know the fragrance. Lanzhou beef noodles are famous for their fresh and delicate broth, which embodies the wisdom and efforts of Chen, Ma and countless chefs who specialize in broth beef noodles.

Chinese Lanzhou Beef Noodles with Snacks and Pickles

At that time, the hot pot beef noodles were mainly soup. The soup was boiled with cattle and sheep’s liver. The beef soup with a certain proportion was clarified and processed. Its flavor was delicious and its style was unique. Since then, on this basis, efforts have been made in terms of taste and clarity, especially in terms of quality. Eventually, people have achieved the style of clear soup, rotten and fragrant meat, fine and refined noodles, which makes Lanzhou clear soup beef noodles full of five flavors.

Finally, the characteristics of soup noodles are identified as the first clear, the second white, the third red, the fourth green and the fifth yellow (clear soup, white radish, red pepper, green garlic seedlings, yellow noodles). The soup noodles have achieved a unique style of color, fragrance, and taste, and also achieved the quality of low price and good quality, which is deeply loved by the local people. After liberation, the number of beef noodle restaurants in Lanzhou increased to more than 20, and the last remaining four or five were poor in quality and environment. Only after the reform and opening up did the traditional famous food get further recovery and development.

Chinese Lanzhou Beef Noodles with peppers

Lanzhou clear soup beef noodles were originally the best food for senior guests in Northwest China. Because it is economical and delicious, many stores not only can be found everywhere in Lanzhou but also have the appearance and location of Lanzhou beef noodles all over the country and even in many countries around the world. Lanzhou locals generally call it beef noodles, while younger people call it big beef noodles or big beef bowls. More people call it a big bowl of beef noodles.

This Lanzhou beef noodle, no matter what it is called and where it is, has gone through many setbacks. Its essence is the traditional Chinese food. It has won worldwide reputation with a bowl of noodles and has won praise and honor from domestic and even worldwide diners.

Chinese Lanzhou Beef Noodles

Today, in Lanzhou, beef noodle restaurants are everywhere, and beef noodles have already been opened everywhere. The popular delicacies with good color, fragrance, and economy bring more diners a convenient and fast delicacy, so beef noodles have become a symbol of Lanzhou. However, what is more, puzzling is that the flavor of Lanzhou beef noodles has changed since they left the city. In some places, the noodles can basically retain the essential flavor of beef noodles, but they are not so authentic. Others have no inheritance and there are too many gaps. This allowed Lanzhou people from far away to taste it and concluded that it was far from Lanzhou beef noodles.

bookmark_borderTop 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019 Part 2

Kunlun is a martial arts novel published in 2005 by Feng Ge. Taking the late Song Dynasty and the early Yuan Dynasty as the historical background, the novel tells the story of Liang Xiao who grew up from a prodigal son to a generation of chivalrous men. Its plot is ups and downs, and its characters are vividly portrayed. It contains many elements, such as chivalry, love, hatred, family, country and the world. It involves astronomy, geography, organ mathematics, platoon arrangement and so on.

Kunlun by Fengge -Top 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019

The Deer and the Cauldron, Jin Yong‘s last Kungfu novel, is peppered with playful words and permeated with a strong historical flavor. The novel takes the social history of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty as the background and describes the legendary experience of Wei Xiaobao, a teenager from the lowest social stratum.

The Deer and the Cauldron by Jing Yong -Top 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019

The Smiling Proud Wanderer is a martial arts novel written by Jin Yong. Through narrating the experience of Linghu Chong, the great disciple of Huashan School, the novel reflects the course of the struggle for hegemony among all the factions in Wulin. The author does not set the background of the times. Similar scenes can occur in any dynasty, which reflects the unique political struggle of the Chinese people. At the same time, it also shows the lament for the struggle, which has a certain political implication.

The Smiling Proud Wanderer by Jing Yong -Top 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019

The author of Shenzhou Qixia is Wen Ruian, a master of Taiwanese knight-errant. Wen Ruian said that although it was written in his youth, he could not surpass it in his old age, though he had more experience and thicker writing style. This is the gathering of heroes and martial arts are the best in the world.

Shen Zhou Qi Xia -Top 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019

The Biography of Heroes in Archery is Jin Yong‘s novel. It mainly tells the story of Guo Jing with the help of his bosom friend Huang Rong, who carried the hatred of his country and rushed into the society, and finally grew up into a generation of heroes and heroes through innumerable experiences.

The Biography of Heroes in Archery by Jing Yong -Top 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019

Shaolin Bajue is written by the Internet writer Tianmosheng. The book tells about different Wulin. And the protagonist is a monk. It is a martial arts in the new century and has long occupied the top place in the martial arts fiction list. It tells us that the only way to reach the highest level of Wushu is to pursue and exercise constantly.

These are top 10 Chinese Wuxia novels.

bookmark_borderTop 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019 Part 1

Chinese Wuxia novels are a type of popular fiction in China. Most of them are portrayed as heroes by knight-errant heroes, describing their acts of martial arts, bravery, justice or rebellion. In the long history of the development of martial arts fiction, many excellent writers have emerged. They have written many excellent martial arts masterpieces, which are regarded as classics by later generations and are constantly brought to the screen. Here are the top 10 Chinese Wuxia novels 2019.

The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils - Top Wuxia Novels

The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a martial arts masterpiece completed by Mr. Jinyong in four years. It has been adapted into a film and TV series many times. By describing Wulin’s resentment and national contradictions among several kingdoms, it examines and describes the society and life from a philosophical perspective, showing a magnificent life. The style of the work is magnificent and solemn, and it is an epic masterpiece with full human nature and strong tragic color.

Love Swordsman’s Unmerciful Sword is one of the representative works of Gulong‘s Wuxia fiction. It is the first in the “Xiao Li Fei Dao” series. The plot of the book is tortuous and moving, and its artistic achievements are very high, leaving readers with rich artistic models. It is not only a work to clarify the true meaning of martial arts, but also a painting to depict the human history of the world. It is also a masterpiece of warning that touches the social reality and explores the philosophy of life.

Love Swordsman's Unmerciful Sword - Top Wuxia Novels

Guanjushanshui is a martial arts novel written by Li Si, which breaks Jin Yong’s and Gu Long’s modes. It is a perfect combination of urban fiction and martial arts fiction. It is a rare martial arts masterpiece in the new century. The novel is a swordsman novel with Chaoshan area as its background. It introduces a series of knight-errant masters with distinct personality by waiting for the world’s top knight-errant in Sangpu Mountain on the top of the world.

Heroes is a contemporary swordsman novel written by Sun Xiao, a Taiwanese writer. It is praised as a swordsman novel with the features of Upper River Map in Qingming Dynasty. It makes the world of knight-errant more colorful, with a deep red and near blood sad color, and brings readers a completely different new body touch. It has a classical character, post-modern structure, full of emotional sadness, can be called a man’s knight-errant.