bookmark_border2020 Top 10 Xianxia Novels

Many readers once said when watching Wangyu’s “The Legend of Mortal Cultivation”, “After a mortal, there will be no immortal chivalry”, to express their love for mortals and their unfulfilled expectations for the subsequent fairy chivalry novels.

However, I think there are still many fine Xianxia novels that are worth seeing every year, and some of them have also brought a new Xianxia trend. Let’s talk about the top 10 Xianxia novels in China in 2020.

1. “Come on, Sword”(Jian Lai) Author: Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou

“The Sword” by Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou is the most popular Xianxia novel in recent years, but for the style of the novel, people who like it are still very fond of it, and those who don’t like it can’t see it after reading it several times, just follow it. It’s the same when watching “Snow Fighter”. But I have to say that the popularity of “Jianlai” is invincible. According to the orange melon codeword data platform, it can be queried that “Jianlai” has long been ranked at the top of the list on multiple platforms and many lists. Single dominates the list first.


2. “My Senior Brother is Too Steady” Author: Yan Gui Zhen Zhuan

Xianxia novels leading a trend of “stable flow” in 2020, “My Senior Brother is Too Steady” has a unique style, which contrasts with the previous protagonist of Shuang Wenlong Aotian, which is impressive.

My Senior Brother is Too Steady

3. “Da Feng Da Geng Ren” Author: Mai Bao Xiao Lang Jun

This novel uses overhead history and the theme of fairy heroes. It is easy and efficient and has many stalks. It has a sense of novelty. The great hero in the book is full of emotions for the country and the people. This is also a hot book that has consistently ranked among the top three best sellers at the Qidian Novels. In addition, quietly speaking, there are a lot of 18X.

Da Feng Da Geng Ren

4. “Lord of the Big Dream” Author: Wang Yu

It is said that it is a customized text for Fantasy Westward Journey. After chasing for a month, it still feels like a “mortal flow”. Those who like this style are worth seeing. The overall feeling is still good, but when I am used to the fast-paced situation, I decided to raise the same. Wait until the number of words gets more.

Lord of the Big Dream

5. “Lan Ke Qi YuanAuthor: Zhen Fei Shi

When many people refer to this Xianxia novel, they all talk about the “scent of fairy”. When the fantasy novel was in full swing, the Xianxia novel was actually greatly affected. Although it was the skin of the Xianxia, it actually felt like a fantasy, without the “fairy flavor”, but this one was different.

Lan Ke Qi Yuan

6. “Mysterious Resurrection” Author: Fou Qian Xian Hua

A Xianxia novel that has made people feel amazing in recent years and the attention and discussion in the Xianxia novel circle is very high, except that the update is a bit slow, and it has no shortcomings.

Mysterious Resurrection

7. “Xuan Hun Dao Zhang” Author: Wu Dao Zhe

This is a new book by the author of “Da Dao Zhen Feng”. The writing style is very good. The author continues the character design of the previous work, the style is more lively, and the reading is more interesting.

Xuan Hun Dao Zhang

8. “Wen Dao Hong Chen” Author: Ji Cha

Very good, a type of writing style that old drivers should like, um, is the harem writing, and the writing is delicate, and the female portrayal is very brilliant. Generally speaking, Ji Cha’s novels never disappoint, and I like them all. And the results are very good, early on reaching the achievement of an average of 10000 subscribers.

Wen Dao Hong Chen

9. “Three Cun World” Author: Er Gen

Xianxia Platinum Author Er Gen’s work, perhaps a reader who read Ergen’s novels before was not very interested in this book, in fact, the level is about the same, but after being familiar with it, there is no freshness. Even so, the performance of “Three-Cun World” is still very strong, and Baidu’s ranking has long been in the top ten.

Three Cun World

10. “The Immortal Officials of the Great Zhou Empire” Author: Rong Xiaorong

I have not personally read this book. According to my friends, it is generally good, the writing is smooth, the text looks very comfortable, the plot design is also remarkable, the results are also very good, and I ordered it very early. Many people criticized the books for taking the Tao Te Ching, Buddhist scriptures, and other things on the earth into advanced exercises. This kind of copying was a very common setting in the past, but it still seems to be this way now. It’s a bit old-fashioned.

The Immortal Officials of the Great Zhou Empire


bookmark_border2020 Best Wuxia Novels

Jin Yong wrote a lot of classic martial arts(Wuxia) novels before, and now the era has become more developed, and more people like to read novels on the Internet, so what good online Wuxia novels are there now? The editor brings you the top ten in the 2020 online Wuxia novel rankings.

1. “Phoenix Trees without Moon” Author: Queyuewutong
This is a Wuxia novel that is extremely close to reality. Some people say that if Jin Yong used martial arts novels to create a parallel universe, then “Phoenix Trees without Moon” would connect the real world with this parallel universe. This is a classic Wuxia novel with dark satire.

2. “Xi Qing Chronicle” Author: Hong Zhuxia
It belongs to the story of the rivers and lakes, which is based on history but is above the history, is purer, more thorough, more real, more delicate, Qiushui-like characters deduced in the bleak imperial court. The vivid sense of history, the rich palace atmosphere, the tumultuous thoughts, and disputes, and the bleak sunset over the capital, the young man who was originally called Yan Jiu, and later changed his name to ward off evil, only reveals the back of the green shirt, which is unforgettable for a lifetime. This book is said to be ranked second in martial arts novels. The author is still a girl.

3. “Canghai” Author: Feng Ge
Feng Ge is currently one of the few novelists who still insists on writing Wuxia. Series such as “Kunlun” and “Canghai” have always been popular Wuxia classics.

4. “Cup of Snow” Author: Xiao Tie
It’s the second time to push “Being Snow”. Xiao Tie is the new master of Wuxia novels. This work is his masterpiece. It tells the story of chivalry and friendship in the troubled times of the Song Dynasty. All of them have been discussed in-depth, and the poetry dictionary is just in hand, and the joys and sorrows are all in the pen, which represents the extremely high level of the new martial arts.

If you come to the sky late to snow, can you drink a cup?

5. “The Dead” Bing Ling Shen Xia
Introduction: A dead man’s sutra, half a book of innocence.

Cut off a thousand heads and swallow a hundred bones.

6. “Heroes Kingdoms” Author: Sun Xiao
Jin Yong sealed the pen and the ancient dragon passed away, the only heroes in the arena.” Hmm…

7. “Guo Se Shen Xiao” Sha Mo
Introduction: Six dragons gather soldiers, the Bodhisattva opens the door! A weird and terribly shocking trap, there are games in the game, there are tricks in the plan, the truth is true, the false is true, who is the one who is in the plan, who is the layman?

What kind of secret story is enclosed in the dust after the eight-character admonition? Are wolves patrolling the world? Or sly fox hiding from the world? A song of praise to the hero, a curtain of beauties rolled up one after another!

8. “Budo mad Poem” Author: Qiao Jingfu
If you have friends in Hong Kong, you should be very familiar with this work. In fact, this novel has only five chapters serialized online and has been published as a physical book. This work is a masterpiece of the new school of Wuxia novels, using martial arts, like its title, the poems of martial arts madness, madness, burning, and passion, for the best in the world, a group of martial artists happily die, just for the martial arts in their hearts.

9. Shaolin Eight Wonders, Tian Mosheng
Introduction: There are no surprises in the greatness of the arena. Sleeping can also practice magical skills, ancient and modern at home and abroad, also considered strange.

Shaolin disciple Fang Jianming was upright, loyal, and funny. He walked through the sinister rivers and lakes, but he was always able to maintain a heart of innocence.

10. “Datang Escort” Author: Jin Xunzhe
The most impressive thing about this novel is that it is full of chivalry.

bookmark_borderIs Zaful Legit and Safe

In recent years, the Internet, e-commerce is generally among the buyers, many marketing options are huge. Overall, it is much easier to buy and sell internationally and it turns into clothing stores for desperate and reckless men from Asia, China and others.

Zaful retailers offer fashionable clothes as they are constantly updated with the latest trends. Her clothes, her shoes and her own child’s brim in Zaful, what are you going to sell in Zaful for big discounts. However, deep discounts make consumers think, “Has Zaful read it?”

Zaful with Marvel

A detailed mourning Zaful

When deciding either legal or not, is important to your business, I would understand. His mission makes it a source of self-proclaimed “bold, exciting and so forward-thinking”.

Zaful was founded in 2013 and an e-commerce website was launched in 2014 as clothing Zaful according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​Profile: Zaful Hong Kong is part of Bi’an Information Technology Co.Ltd.

What do you know about Zaful?

Zaful consults trendy discounts on many consumer products. But sounds like a good hindrance.

Zaful kinds of edits, or from multiple sources before committing to an online store to sell them. And it would be right for the consumer of art, saying oust the medium.

Zaful plans because they are away from their designs and manufactures e-commerce sites that sell clothes or join other buyers to sellers.

It looks like a mix of Zaful offers his own fashion and other sellers’ products.

Does Zaful have an app?

For those looking to buy from their smartphone, there’s the Zaful app, which is now available on Google Play and the iTunes Store.

The Zaful app is advertised as “fashion at your fingertips” and allows you to;

  1. Browse over 100,000 Zaful dresses
  2. buy products
  3. Take advantage of the application of offers,
  4. Share your photos with millions of other Zaful fashion fanatics
  5. Pain form
  6. To buy points

What do you like about the Zaful reviews Zaful app?

Here are the opinions of Apple and Android users.

Google Play: 38384 Zaful App Review – 4/5 Star Rating
iTunes: 20,300 Zaful App Reviews – 4.5 out of 5 stars
Zaful related sites

But that the link between the work has ceased, he is often included in the Zaful modification of other clothes he wears, and online sellers should be branded a fraud or scam, and their buyers.

The dealership has two sister establishments that do not recognize – Sammydress and Rosegal. Each location has been set up to focus on different target customers.

Domains associated with the parent company, Zaful, rate Zaful reviews similarly because many consumers believe they can run Zaful.

Zaful is a scam?

To get a better idea of ​​the story behind the story, let’s take a closer look at whether Zaful is a scam or not.

What do they tell you about Zaful’s reviews? Let’s see!


Zaful Review

Zaful clothing Review

One of the biggest complaints is that they are listed among Zaful reviews to wear the clothes are bad state. In some cases, they are specifically designed to mimic that found high-end products used in well-known brands.

Unfortunately, for many consumers, a photo actually got a bad imitation of the website.

At BuzzFeed, Zaful’s review is to be noted that a swimsuit/bikinis from clothing Zaful listed on the site is under $ 14. The image of the announcement clothes used in an image as a Free People Magazine listed for about $ 155.

In fact, this is not the first time a review has images that were reported stolen from another site in the app Zaful sources and marketed to consumers who did poorly received later articles.

Furtive images show people in general which e-commerce sites such as Facebook advertising policy was changed a few years ago to combat the problem.

After complaints and other similar sites have been Zaful retail to consumers, because it violates investigated Facebook has its own advertising standards.

The company’s website says that the plans Zaful advocated for restricting the rights of serious people who have enough talent for other “zero tolerance” policies against further injuries.

The first product on the list and finding each of their own pleasures that they can exceed their limits: the design has been removed.

Images of other ventures separated from Zaful by the Imperial Edict of Sanccimus. What other questions are asking what consumers have read? ”

The first rule is to respect the charges between all the objects received, he gave the order to get him ships and also those like his clothes.

Zaful’s more recent complaints, and have been strongly highlighted with Zaful’s changes regarding customer service having difficulty getting on board, and refunds are pending.

It appears that Zaful is working on his image in regards to the BBB rating enhancement found in Zaful’s editing years.

In the women’s daily, published three years ago, it is not listed as an online store to avoid eight situations, and they are rated FB on the BBB. However, until July 2019, the note B. friend of Zaful!

States that it reserves the right not to review their customer service can not provide the in front of. Before you can return your product, customer service, we provide an RMA form. This form has not received a request from the authority of the products are not returned, with the Zaful.

Here is a list of the items that Zaful refunds will not accept;

  1. Aeneas products
  2. Where (including underwear, socks, and tights)
  3. manufacturing
  4. Accessories (earrings and hair accessories)
  5. beauty products

3-6 days that you receive consumer refund process later if you use your own Paypal within 48 hours fears. If you use a credit card and receive it in 7-14 business days. And took unto him his bag, and deliver him who is in the refunds for the 24 hours.

If you decide to go outside of the product review site to create your own Zaful you want to make sure you understand the return policy.

Are we to think that this product would be the best when they have returned if you do not care because a good Zaful garment did she use, or into the line, had also received the.

Zaful Shipping Review

Over time, orders arrive no wonder consumers are asking, “Is Zaful a scam?” Many of the Zaful reviews we’ve read recall the long delivery times and the frustration of receiving products long after they were actually needed.

The retailer has a clear shipping policy and associated timeline, but there are still many complaints that question Zaful’s legitimacy due to the time it takes to receive the products.

Could it be that consumers just aren’t waiting long enough to get their packaging?

Do I have to pay taxes on my Zaful order?

One thing that makes people ask, “Is Zaful legit?” is the fact that they may have to pay additional fees (customs tax) to collect their order from the sender.

Zaful notes that all items are delivered duty-free and customs or import duties are charged once the package reaches the destination country.

If you refuse to accept the item, you are still responsible for all shipping, customs, and return handling charges, according to our review of Zaful’s tax policy.

Follow-up problems

Zaful is also supposed to provide tracking information on each package once it is shipped, but many Zaful reviews comment on the tracking information not working.

It can be difficult to determine if Zaful is a scam based on longer than average shipping times. Orders arriving from China may take longer to ship, and some shipping methods may have incorrectly updated tracking systems.

If you are unsure whether Zaful is legitimate based on the delivery time and you haven’t received your order yet, you may have to wait a little longer to see if your package arrives and account for that additional processing time.

Zaful Promotion

Zaful customer reviews

A reputable consumer review site, TrustPilot, has collected over 7,800 Zaful reviews to help others answer the question “Is Zaful legit?” When all Zaful reviews were counted and collected, it was given a 4 out of 5 stars rating and a 7 out of 10 trust rating.

Nearly half of TrustPilot’s Zaful ratings (48%) gave Zaful a 5-star rating. However, it’s also important to note that 26% of Zaful’s reviewers rated the site 1 star. The main complaints were the same as those addressed elsewhere in the review: slow shipping, improper sizing, and poor customer service.

On the Sitejabber review site, a total of 5,112 Zaful reviews have been submitted. Overall, Zaful scored 4 out of 5 stars with the most positive reviews. 2,842 reviewers awarded Zaful 5 stars and 1,092 reviewers awarded Zaful 1 star.

Zaful’s positive reviews indicate that the clothes are of great value and quality. Negative reviews indicate that you are receiving the wrong sizes and are having trouble returning items.

How can you avoid a bad experience on Zaful or other cheap fashion sites abroad? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Pay attention to the sizing
  2. As Zaful buys some of her clothes from outside sources, it’s important to pay attention to measurements and size charts. The measurements can be different for each part. Zaful shoes tend to be small. Some customers have purchased Zaful shoes that are two sizes larger than they would normally buy but still found them too tight.
  3. Check customer reviews
  4. Check if you can find Zaful customer reviews for the identical items you wish to purchase. If you can find positive reviews for the exact items, the
  5. more likely you will find that Zaful is legit for your types of purchases.
  6. Keep an eye out for fake images
  7. Do the images of Zaful shoes or Zaful clothing seem to come from the pages of a high fashion magazine?
  8. These days you can easily do a reverse image search to check a product image and see if it could be taken from a more expensive fashion retailer.


Conclusion: is Zaful legit? Fraud?

With so many negative Zaful reviews available online, it’s no wonder consumers are asking the question “Is Zaful legit?”

In our review, we took a look at the structure and history of the company to learn more about Zaful and the quality of Zaful clothing you can expect to receive.

One important thing that we have seen is that Zaful seems to be working on improving customer service and reputation issues. We have found that several Zaful reviews have improved over the past few years with more positive reviews.

It’s also impressive that Zaful has changed its shipping policy to address a fundamental complaint about long shipping times and is looking to get its products out faster.

While some people end up being happy with the purchases they make and the clothes in their Zaful reviews, there are also a lot of unhappy customers.

Is Zaful a scam? No. In our opinion, while they have a troubled history when it comes to shipping reviews of shoddy items, they have made great strides in improving themselves.

But you should still be careful and understand that you might not get the item you think you are getting. We recommend caution as there are still a lot of mixed reviews for Zaful clothing, even with their recent upgrades.