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BYD’s 5 Millionth New Energy Vehicle: What Does It Signify?

BYD's 5 Millionth New Energy Vehicle

Crowning of the New King: This could be the impression many people have after witnessing the formal assembly of BYD’s 5 millionth new energy vehicle. BYD holds a unique confidence. As the first company worldwide to achieve this scale of 5 million new energy vehicles produced, BYD’s momentum far surpasses the entire industry. From the […]

BYD N8 Unveiled: A New Era of Innovation in Electric Vehicles

BYD N8 Unveiled A New Era of Innovation in Electric Vehicles

BYD DENZA Motors to Launch Two New Models in 2023: N7 and N8. The N8, a Medium-to-Large Full-Drive SUV, Offers 5/6/7 Seating Capacity. The N8’s appearance design draws inspiration from the classic Denza X model and features a new design language called Π-MOTION potential energy aesthetics, resulting in a perfect blend of classic and innovative […]

China Will Become the World’s Second Largest Car Exporter

BYD's Car Series

On October 24, data from the General Administration of Customs of China showed that China will export 358,000 cars in September 2022, a year-on-year increase of 105.75%. From January to August this year, China’s total automobile exports reached 1.91 million, a year-on-year increase of 44.5%. This figure is second only to Japan and surpasses Germany. […]

BYD’s 3 millionth New Energy Vehicle Rolled Off the Production Line

BYD's 3 millionth New Energy Vehicle Rolled Off the Production Line 2

On November 17, 2022, BYD’s 3 millionth new energy vehicle roll-off conference was officially held at BYD’s global headquarters. The seal that rolled off the production line is the favorite car of Ms. Wang Shuang, a football player, and Miss Asian Football. BYD President Wang Chuanfu also personally delivered BYD’s 3 millionth new energy vehicle. […]

BYD Seal, Can It Compete with Model 3?

BYD Seal

On July 29, the BYD Seal was officially launched, and four models were released, priced from RMB 209,800 to RMB 286,800. Since the pre-sale started on May 20, the order volume of seals has exceeded 60,000. The new car will be produced at Seal’s exclusive factory in Changzhou, and deliveries will begin this month (August). […]