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Now China is developing itself at an irresistible rate. China has a long history of more than five thousand years and has infinite precious wealth. They are business cards that enable China to go abroad and stand tall in the forest of the world. Now let’s take a look at the top 10 quintessence of Chinese culture and let us know more about China’s history.
Peking Opera
To say which quintessences of China are there, the first thing you say is Peking Opera, which shows its position in the hearts of Chinese people. Peking Opera is familiar to everyone. In the alleys of Beijing, people often hear a few passages. Peking Opera was formed in a relatively short time. It was formed in the late Qing Dynasty and developed in the Republic of China.
Embroidery - Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Embroidery is a process of embroidering various patterns on silk fabrics. It is a traditional process in China. It has a long history of two to three thousand years. Embroidery is divided into silk thread embroidery and feather embroidery. It can be said to be a necessary skill for a great lady in ancient times. In the Qin and Han Dynasties, embroidery in China was already highly skilled, and the opening of the Silk Road was a good example.
Go -Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Go is an ancient game invented in China. In the Southern and Northern Dynasties, the chessboard style of Go was settled down. Today, a nine-grade system for assessing chess skills appeared. Go is a game, but it implies the philosophy of life, so it has been flourishing for thousands of years.
Porcelain -Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Porcelain can be said to be a business card of China for thousands of years and a cultural treasure of China. China’s porcelain is sold all over the world and is deeply loved by people all over the world. At the same time, in cultural exchanges, China’s ceramic technology has spread to all countries in the world, and China is also known as the world’s porcelain country by all countries in the world.
Tea Art -Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Tea art, known as the magical leaves of other countries, originated in China. China was the first country to plant tea. Drinking tea has become a habit of Chinese people. Shennong discovered the magic of tea seven thousand years ago. After thousands of years of development, drinking tea has become a kind of culture. In the cultural exchanges with other countries in the world, tea has also spread abroad and is deeply loved by people.
Han costume -Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Han costume is the traditional costume of the Han nationality. From the Yellow Emperor era to the Ming Dynasty, the Han nationality has been wearing this kind of costume. Han costume is a very beautiful costume, which can best reflect the temperament of the Han people.
Paper-cut -Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Paper-cut, one of the oldest folk crafts in China. Chinese rural women can cut a piece of paper into various works of art. It often refines and generalizes the natural form through homophonic, symbolic, moral and other means, forming a beautiful pattern. Whenever we celebrate the Spring Festival or get married, we will use this craft. Even now, this craft is still brilliant. It can be said that since the invention of paper-making technology, there has been paper-cutting, which is a very popular craft with national and folk characteristics.
Chinese Traditional Medicine Cure -Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Chinese medicine is the essence extracted from plants and animals to treat diseases of the body. There is meridian Science in traditional Chinese medicine which is not found in Western medicine. Compared with Western medicine, it has the advantages of fewer side effects and longer treatment time. Therefore, it is generally advocated to combine traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine. There have been some theologians in Chinese history. They have left too many medical books and made great contributions to the development of traditional Chinese medicine. There are cupping, acupuncture, massage and so on, which are very popular.
Chinese characters -Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Chinese characters are written in Chinese. They are also borrowed to write Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and other languages. They are widely used in the cultural circle of Chinese characters. They are also the only highly developed words still widely used in the world. It evolved step by step from Oracle Bone inscriptions, bronze inscriptions, small seal scripts to regular scripts.
Chinese Wushu(Kung Fu) -Top 10 Quintessence of Chinese culture
Wushu, through the spread of martial arts, can strengthen the body. It can defend against enemy attack. As the survival skills of the descendants of the Chinese nation, Chinese traditional Wushu has gone through thousands of years of storms with the development of Chinese history and civilization and has become the soul to maintain the survival and development of the nation. There are still Shaolin Temple, Wudang Mountain and other sacred places of martial arts. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and other martial arts stars have emerged.

bookmark_borderTop 10 Popular Mountains in China 2018 Part 1

The famous mountains in China, with their various forms and unique features, attract people to climb and visit them. Here are top 10 popular mountains in China 2018.
Mount Tai with a scenic area of 250 square km, is located in the middle of Shandong Province. Mount Tai is rich in natural heritage. It was listed on the world natural and cultural heritage list in 1987. It is the first natural and cultural dual heritage project in China. There are thousands of years of historical and cultural heritage. It provides important and rich material materials for the study of ancient Chinese history and calligraphy.
Mount Huang located in the southern part of Anhui Province, is China’s most celebrated mountain for all its grandeur and beauty. There are 72 mountains that are famous to point to. Three of the main peaks are above 1800 meters above sea level.
Mount Emei located in Emei city, Sichuan province. It is famous for its magnificent natural scenery and magical buddhist culture. The main landscape includes ten emei scenes such as Shuangqiao Qingyin. The main peak Jinding is 3,079 meters above sea level, with the four wonders of cloud sea, sunrise, Buddha light and holy lamp. Mount Emei is one of the four famous buddhist mountains in China, as well as a natural park of rare animals and plants and a geological museum.
Lushan mountain is located in Jiujiang and Lushan cities of Jiangxi province. It has 171 peaks which have been named since ancient times. The most famous Triassic spring waterfall, with a drop of 155 meters, is known to the world as “three thousand feet straight down, the Milky Way is suspected to fall nine days”. Lushan is famous for its strong, strange, dangerous and beautiful scenery. It is of great scientific value and tourist value.