bookmark_border10 China-Based B2B Marketplaces to Grow Your 2019 Business

The business industry has exponentially grown from the past decades as the ever-growing market China has turned up limitless business opportunities for the foreign business to explore new markets and find new growth dimensions while sustaining their profits for extended periods.

China holds the key to the e-commerce sector, and the China-based B2B marketplaces were assuring a future that is sustainable for international business transactions. It’s no doubt that China leads a great global transformation and after the B2C market, the B2B market will take individuals with surprise while the Chinese marketplace is facilitating the b2b industry as a chief game player.


  1. Alibaba

If you are business owner operating from anywhere across the globe and searching for a reliable Chinese source for your business, here is the list of top ten B2B china based marketplace that has earned the top ranks in 2019. With its great inauguration in 1999, Alibaba has beaten the giants of online trading platforms such as Amazon and eBay beating their annual targets in 2012 with the sales of $170000 million. Some of the other brands associated with Alibaba are Ali express, Ali pay, and Alibaba international.


  1. eWorldTrade

eWorldTrade is the second largest B2B platform providing a broad range of e-commerce service, in China as well as all across the globe. eWorldTrade is the subsidiary of Reckon Media LLC. and has been extensively growing its database of clients, facilitating users to enjoy a greater range of positive, valuable, and secure experiences. The B2B platform stands among one of the best for the lead generation. The b2b online trading network promotes transparency and high-end product with comprehensive business solutions.

  1. ECVV.Com

The end to end B2B service ECVV offers the product sourcing and supply network services assuring the high-end product and transparency of the payment from the buyers, though the ECVV works with pay per click strategies and payments are made through verified sources. Founded in 2003, ECVV has objectives to promote global trade more efficiently, and the platform dominates the Chinese B2B industry.


  1. ThomasNet

Thomas net stands among the leading B2B platforms that hold a huge assortment of goods. The B2B platform facilitates huge demand of various industrial sector with offering to more than 490,000 suppliers and buyers. The platform provides a detailed view of suppliers, creating a secure and transparent transaction among the buyers and the seller.


  1. GlobalSources

The Hong Kong-based e-commerce B2B platform global source registered with NASDAQ is quite an old player. The global source has made tremendous progress from the past couple of years and has more than a million international buyers currently registered on the vast b2b platform. The platform has a unique B2B sales strategy, and that is the determinant of its long term presence in the market with continuous growth. The best point of this platform is that it verifies the reliability of the manufacturers and suppliers registered that only a few other platforms offer. Moreover, global sources take an active part in trade show campaigns bringing buyers and suppliers together.

Made in China

  1. Made in China

Among the leading platforms made in China has created its worth. Developed by the focus technology based in the country of China, it’s the leader in the electronic trading industry. All the products are china made or made in Taiwan. Despite many sanctions, it remains one of the most successful websites across the globe for B2B sales.

DH Gate

  1. DH Gate

The leading wholesale B2B platform for well-established in China is none other but DH gate you must give a try. It has created a record of quality services and products offering in rates that cannot be found with any other B2B network. Moreover, it’s a Chinese platform; however, also work in the English version. DH gate also facilitates products manufactured from small and medium enterprises. It offers safe payments and reliable logistic services from China as well as other regions of the globe.


  1. EC21

The online marketing tool enables global sellers to improve the exposure of their products and get the most potential buyers. It’s well-established product categories, and intelligent keyword optimization facilitates buyers to easily find the products they want with only a few clicks. With the online B2B platform, the buyers can also place their purchases and get the right deals from the manufacturers and sellers. EC21 has been the most important tool for the business owners across China Korea and the US


  1. IndiaMART

A notable b2b platform Indiamart successfully offers the B2B, B2C and C2C services through its portal. Indiamart has been labeled as the largest online marketplaces in India and next to Alibaba, making revenue of 200 crores. Founded by Dinesh Agarwal and currently employees more than two thousands of the professionals in the leading cities of India. Similar to 2015 it earned more than 3 million suppliers on the website.



Another leading B2B platform assisting the SMEs to exceed the precise and profitable trade search with the flawless trade and marketing, the B2B marketplace has a wide range of products with 10 million SMEs in China and other regions from the globe.


In a nutshell

The above discussed b2b market leaders emerging from China have been the game player in changing the entire prospect of the e-commerce industry. Several industrial norms have been established by these massive projects that cannot be quickly challenged by new entrants and competitors.


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bookmark_borderCould Made in Vietnam Challenging Made in China

As a neighboring country on China’s southwestern border, Vietnam has recently made great progress in manufacturing. In October 2017, Vietnam reported GDP growth of 7.46% in the third quarter of 2017, surpassing the growth rate of India and China in the same period and ranking first in the world. Will Vietnam be the next economic miracle?
Today, Vietnam is in the golden age of demographic dividend, and a large number of cheap labor force promotes rapid economic growth. With its low Labor costs, Vietnam is attracting a shift in global manufacturing. Vietnam not only has lower labor costs, but also lower land, energy and tax costs than China. Vietnam receives a lot of manufacturing capacity from China, and Nike, Samsung, LG and even Intel have set up factories in Vietnam.
Although parts of China’s manufacturing industry have been gradually transferred to Vietnam, it is not realistic to say that Vietnamese manufacturing will completely replace Chinese manufacturing. The first is the completeness of industrial chain and supply chain. China’s manufacturing industry now has the most complete supply system of industrial chain in the world. China can provide supporting services for the whole industrial chain in the shortest time, but Vietnam does not have such a basis at present. Second, infrastructure. Despite its rapid economic growth, Vietnam still lags behind China in infrastructure construction.
Compared with China, the mode of manufacturing in Vietnam is the mode of processing with supplied materials. In addition to the workers and the origin, other Vietnamese elements are less. There are no strong manufacturing brands like Huawei, Midea and Gree in Vietnam.
Although made in Vietnam cannot replace made in China completely in the short term, the sudden rise of made in Vietnam and the large-scale migration of enterprises in recent years still sound alarm bell to Chinese manufacturing industry. Made in China faces more challenges.

bookmark_borderTop 5 Female Business Leaders in China 2018

In recent years, women have played an increasingly important role in the leadership of large companies. These outstanding women leaders have played important roles and achieved great success in business, both in their time and in their fields. Here are top 5 female business leaders in China 2018.Dong Mingzhu
Dong Mingzhu which are chairman of Gree electric appliances, topped the list. Dong Mingzhu used to seize many opportunities to speak for Gree. Born in 1954, she worked in administration at a chemical research institute before age 36. At the age of 36, she went to Zhuhai to join Gree in business and created a personal sales volume of 36.5 million yuan in one year.Peng Lei - Lucy Peng
Peng Lei(Lucy Peng) is not only one of Alibaba‘s early founders, but also the director of financial carrier ant financial services. She is now one of the three most important female executives at Internet companies around the world. But she is extremely low key and reserved, rarely giving media interviews and never talking about her personal life.Sun Yafang
Sun Yafang has been chairman of Huawei for 17 years. After entering Huawei, Sun Yafang was in charge of human resources and market most of the time, and established a market organization system and human resources system for Huawei.Wu Yajun
Wu Yajun was born in 1964. She was a mechanical engineer, a journalist, an editor, and now the chairman of Longhu group. She became the world’s richest self-made woman in 2012 and now has a fortune of 33 billion yuan.
Lu Qianfang keeps a low profile. She is the vice chairman of the board of directors of Yagule real estate holdings limited. For two consecutive years, she was listed in the top ten of Hurun Rich Women’s List.
These outstanding women leaders are role models for us to follow. Their strategies and cognition are worth thinking about.