bookmark_borderTop 10 Most Populous Cities in China 2019 Part 2

Guangzhou has a population of 12.7 million. It is the largest city in south China and one of the economic centers of China. Guangzhou is positioned by the state council as an international metropolis, one of the three comprehensive gateway cities and one of the five national central cities.GuangZhou - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Baoding has a population of 11.19 million. Hebei has always been a populous province. Baoding is also the pearl of north China, one of the central cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The main ethnic group in Baoding is the Han nationality, and the ethnic minorities with a large population are Hui, Manchu and Mongolian.Baoding - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
In eighth place was Harbin with a population of 10.63 million. It is one of the economic centers in northeast China, an important industrial town. Harbin is located in the center of northeast Asia, known as the pearl of the Eurasian land bridge. It is not only the first Eurasian land bridge and an important hub of the air corridor, but also a famous historical and cultural city in China, a hot tourist city and an international ice and snow cultural city.Harbin - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Suzhou has a population of 10.46 million. It is a famous historical and cultural city in China, an emerging industrial city, with a large amount of foreign investment and excellent geographical location, which makes the city enjoy strong economic growth and constantly absorbs the foreign population.Suzhou - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Shenzhen has a population of 10.35 million. Shenzhen is the first special economic zone established by China’s reform and opening up and the window of China’s reform and opening up. It has developed into an international city with certain influence and is an important city in south China. Along with the rapid development of Shenzhen SEZ, the population fo Shenzhenhas undergone fast increase, in particular the temporary population and floating population.Shenzhen - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China

bookmark_borderTop 10 Chinese Famous Noodles 2018 Part Ⅰ

In June 2018, the China Hotel Culture Festival and the China Noodle Culture Festival were held by the ministry of commerce of China and the China hotel association. In this activity, top 10 Chinese noodles were selected. Here are top 10 Chinese famous noodles.Fried bean-paste noodles
Fried bean-paste noodles are popular in Beijing and other places. It’s made of vegetables and noodles with fried sauce. The vegetables include chopped or boiled cucumbers, toona sinensis, bean sprouts, green beans, and soya beans.Lanzhou Beef Noodles -Top 10 Chinese Famous Noodles 2018
Lanzhou beef noodles is a local snack in Lanzhou, Gansu province. It pays attention to one clear, two white, three green, four red and five yellow. The clear is clear soup (stewed with beef bones), the white is the white radish slices, the green is coriander and garlic seedlings, the red is chili oil, and the yellow is the yellow and bright noodles.Henan stewed noodles  -Top 10 Chinese Famous Noodles 2018
Henan stewed noodles is a special food of Henan province with a long history. It is a kind of meat, soup, vegetable gathering and the traditional flavor of snacks. It is famous for its delicious taste and affordable economy. The stewed noodles according to the different ingredients can be divided into mutton stewed noodles, beef stewed noodles, three fresh stewed noodles, five fresh stewed noodles and so on.Hangzhou Pian Er Chuan -Top 10 Chinese Famous Noodles 2018
Hangzhou Pian Er Chuan is a famous noodles with soup in Hangzhou. The toppings are mainly composed of pickled cabbage, bamboo shoots and lean meat. It is characterized by the delicious pickled cabbage and bamboo shoots, so that diners eat endless aftertaste.Kunshan Ao Zao Noodles -Top 10 Chinese Famous Noodles 2018
Suzhou Kunshan Aozao noodles are famous for their Fried fish noodles in red oil and braised duck noodles in white soup. Fried fish noodles in red oil look fine white noodles and red sauce. And Braised duck noodles in white soup look like white soup with original color and flavor.