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Look, I’ve never been a fan of Black Friday, where I rushed to raid physical shelves to get a good deal. But at least there’s no way you’re going to cheat. Now, thanks to online shopping, you can go in any direction. You may be suspicious of buying from which is why you are considering a few reviews. Also, you will have everything you need to know and what to expect if you choose to shop at Zaful, including the good, the bad, and the bad. So let’s get to this review!

What is zaful?
Zaful, found on, is an online fashion store that sells fashion apparel and accessories for both men and women.

Where is is based in Hong Kong, China. But there are some online reviews that mention Zaful Canada and Zaful UK. It is unclear whether Zaful is in those areas.

Zaful Banner

Who owns Zaful?
According to, Zaful is owned by Hong Kong Bi’an Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Price Zaful
Zaful prices are very discounted and change over time. On average, women’s clothing costs between $ 5 and $ 30, and most items are in the $ 10 – $ 20 range. The same applies to men’s clothing and the most popular items. priced between $ 15 and $ 25.

Men’s accessories include hats, wallets, socks, and more. They cost from 2 to 50 dollars. Women’s accessories are also in the same range and women’s jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, and the like for only $ 3. of the same degree, more or less.

Difficult return policy
Let’s face it, sometimes you don’t like a product and want to get your money back. His expectation is that customer service won’t bother him. So, you can wait in the live chat for a refund. According to various reviews, they give you a number of options. Zaful offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you receive a damaged or defective item, or the wrong size or even the wrong order, you can contact customer service immediately.

If you order the wrong size or item, you will be responsible for both directions for the shipping cost. According to a series of comments, they will refund your money for the full cost of the item, but not for shipping costs.

If you do not like the item, you can also return it for a partial refund within three days of receiving the item.

5 sneaky tips of online shopping don’t want you to know!
Difficult refunds can take up to 48 hours, depending on the payment method. If you already use PayPal, the credit card takes 48 hours, a wallet refund within 24 hours, and 7-14 working days.


Zaful shipping
Zaful Shipping Worldwide. They offer free shipping on items above $ 30 and $ 99 for express transportation. If not, it can cost up to $ 6.99 depending on where you ship. For example, shipments to the United States cost $ 2.99, Oceania, New Zealand, Australia $ 3.99, and Canada $ 4.99. You can see the full image here.

Zaful takes 4 working days to process the shipment. If you order from the US, for example, shipping takes 6-10 days. Now add that to the 4 days processing time and will wait for your items after 10 days or so. Sounds too slow? You can buy things on Amazon and get 1-2 days from Amazon Prime guaranteed free delivery.

If you choose express delivery, your order will arrive a day or two in advance, but you will have to pay extra for the courier depending on the courier you choose.

Zaful ship from China?
Because Zaful is based in Hong Kong, China. It is safe to assume that will ship products such as your swimwear from China. It will also explain its long processing times.

Zaful customer service
If you are in the United States, you can contact customer service Monday through Sunday from 7.30 am to 18.00 (UTC +8) at + (1) 888-830-0888, otherwise or + ( 001) 888-830-0888 for international calls. You can also contact them via LiveChat on their website or send the tickets and they will respond within 24 hours. Clearly, LiveChat is for pre-sale only.

Zaful coupons
Zaful coupons and promo codes are always available on the website, especially for new customers. However, if you just want the idea of ​​saving money on anything you buy, you can visit,,, or, where there are the best deals online. Or visit, which allows you to earn free gift cards and cash for things you have done online.

bookmark_borderIs Zaful a Hoax? Let Me Tell You!

Zaful is one of the top clothing stores owned by Hong Kong Bian Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, China. The site has been open since 2013 and has a local office in Redwood, California, with a zip code of 94065. This portal focuses on retro clothing, Oriental clothing, and other fashion styles. This is not a well-known company. When I searched for a lot of comments on Google, it didn’t get much information.

Normally, when we want to go shopping online, we might worry about whether the store is safe. If the store looks good and the discount tag is beyond our imagination, it’s hard to be sure. This brings to mind the most famous Because the site looks too good and too fashionable to be true. But is Zaful legal? Or is Zaful a hoax? To ensure that Zaful is a legitimate online fabric and fashion store. Customers can get big deals on clothes and accessories, and the prices seem to be in line with their customers. Zaful also offers global shipping facilities on its website. Nevertheless, getting client service is a horrible dream. Some buyers never receive an order and end up being out of pocket in the same light. Therefore, if you choose Zaful shopping, you will know.

What is Zaful(both pros and cons)?

Male accessories such as belts, purses, hats, and socks cost between $2 and $50. Women’s accessories fall into a similar category, with their jewelry, including fashion necklaces and earrings, selling for as little as $3. In addition, men’s jewelry belongs to the same budget, whether given or requested. Moreover, you can find Zaful bikini, Zaful swimsuit, Zaful swimsuit, and the best range. At the same time, it also provides Zaful wholesale business.


1. If something goes wrong with your product, it’s always good to know what you can do. Zaful offers a 45-day return warranty. If you receive a defective or damaged item, or wrong size, or even a completely wrong order, you can contact the customer help hotline immediately.

2. Zaful’s price discounts are high and often change over time. On average, Zaful clothing costs between $5 and $30, mostly between $10 and $20, and the most popular clothing costs between $15 and $25.

3. Zaful coupons, discounts, and Zaful advertising codes, all are good enough to save some money on purchases. Buyers also have access to all these facilities through the site.


1.Slow customer service: in particular, you can wait days for customer support to respond to your inquiries. You can’t complain through live chat as it seems to be for pre-sale customers.

2. They take a long time to get your money back: if you decide to opt for a refund, it’s like begging for your damn money, and you’d better be patient. It can take weeks or even months to get some complaints from actual customers.

3. Sometimes orders go missing: some customers complain that they never receive an order. This is not common, but it rarely happens. We’ve determined that shopper service is likely to be slow.

4.Not suitable for wholesale: Zaful does not offer discounts on purchases of more than one item, which is unfriendly to some distributors or wholesalers focused on this niche market.

5. Compared with Chinese clothing, Alipay, 1688, etc., the choice is too limited. Zaful is known for its swimwear guidelines, so it’s hard to choose from any other outfit, let alone any other category.

Therefore, I recommend that dealers with online clothing stores choose another platform, When you find millions of products sold at wholesale prices, you will be surprised. This is a declining transport platform, which means that even orders can be shipped at wholesale prices.

More importantly, they recently released the Best Swimsuit Options for 2019. When I saw the page, I suspected that they came from exactly the same source as Zaful’s products, but had lower wholesale prices.

Look! Some Chinese brands’ swimwear!

Also, with regard to the price difference shown below, it is understandable that one is the terminal customer and the other is the wholesaler or bulk carrier.

In short, the careful choice between different websites before buying is a wise choice. Okay, back to the point, let’s go on and say, “How does Zaful work?”

How does Zaful work?

Zaful Shipping ships are transported all over the world. In addition, it provides free delivery of more than $30 items and $99 advanced Zaful shipping. Otherwise, it could be as high as $6.99, depending on where you ship it. For example, freight to the United States is $2.99, Oceania, New Zealand, Canada is $4.99 and Australia is $3.99.

Zaful takes 4-5 working days to complete the shipping procedure. For example, if you order from the United States, it usually takes 6-10 days to deliver the goods. Now, with these four days of processing time, you will expect your project to be given or accepted within 10 days.

Zaful Coupons or Promo Codes

Zaful promotional codes and coupons are always available on the website, especially for new customers. You can only shop with Zaful coupons. However, if you just want to save money on what you buy, you may want to go to Amazon or, the best online transaction, to save money in Zaful or any store where you shop online or offline with cash or gift cards. Moreover, customers use Zaful coupon code to shop.

Payment Methods of Zaful


The most popular online payment system. has fully validated PayPal so that customers can shop calmly.

2.Credit card via PayPal:

Credit cards through PayPal (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) are currently only available to American customers.

3.Credit card:

Buyers can pay directly by credit card.

Western Union

4. Customers can contact for information about the Western Conference. This is a fast, firm and safe way to pay.

Note: Please let us know the following data after you use Western Union Payment.

a.10 digit control number.

  1. Name of the sender.
  2. The exact amount you sent.
  3. The name of the customer.
  4. The address of the sender.
  5. Your order number.
  6. Which country did you send the money from?
  7. Your shipping address.

Comments on Zaful

Zaful will review its style from many other sources before committing to retail in their stores. They labeled themselves as a store that purchased Zaful clothes directly for consumers, enticing them to lay off the trader.

One of the biggest complaints in Zaful’s comments was that the quality of clothing they carried was too poor. In some cases, they are designed to imitate high-end products offered by well-known brands.

Unfortunately, for many customers, what they receive is a poor imitation of the photos listed on their website.

In Buzzfeed’s Zaful comment, they noticed a swimsuit photo on the Zaful Garment Portal for less than $14 each. The images used in the swimsuit advertisement match those of the “Free Person” that cost more than $155.

In fact,’s comments are not the first to distinguish between images listed on websites and early Zaful applications that were stolen from other websites and marketed to customers who would later receive poor copies of these products.

But in the end, customers should know that most clothes may be inaccurate. After they look at the model, you must receive the goods.

Some Common Questions about Zaful

Q1. Is it worth buying clothes in Zaful?

Based on my personal experience, I think money is very valuable. When an order from a website asks you to ensure something, you won’t be disappointed.-

First of all, I only order clothing products recommended by pictures. If there is no picture recommendation for T-shirts/shirts or anything else, no matter how good they look, I won’t order them.

Secondly, I check the quality or type of fabric. If it’s polyester or viscose, I don’t recommend it to be better. If it’s cotton, it looks better and feels better.

Q2. How do customers use z-point payment on Zaful?

Answer: 1. How to get Z points?

Zaful makes it easier to get more Z-points free. The ways are as follows:

Registration in ZAFUL: 50 Z points for new registered members

Verify e-mail: 100 Z point for validating your e-mail address after registration.

Shopping at ZAFUL: Z points to the final order value (excluding freight and insurance)

Comment: Every comment you post has a score of 20

Post comments with photos: Each comment has 100 z-points and photos.

Daily check-in: up to 12 Z points per day.

A lucky draw: 50 points

  1. How to use point Z?

Use a Z-point discount to order price.

There are Z points in your account, which you can use on the checkout page.

(1) Choose what you want to buy, and then check out.

(2) Locate the “Z points” and enter the number of points to be used: 50 Z point = 1 U.S. dollar.

The Z-score can redeem up to 15% of the final project value (Ex). (Shipping and Insurance)


  1. Guidelines for the Use of Z Points

(1) The use of Z-point does not reduce the cost of certain products.

(2) The order to use Z-point to pay part of the money can not participate in certain activities.

(3) The use of coupons does not affect the number of Z points.

For example, if the value of the product is $10 and you use a 10% coupon = $9, you can still get a full 10 Z score.

(4) No order to use Z-point to pay money can receive Z-point!

Q3. Most importantly: Is Zaful a scam?

A: Do many customers have a “Zaful scam”? Maybe not. Zaful is online e-commerce for clothing. Bikinis from Zaful are very common among young women. Every day, thousands of customers receive their favorite products, high quality, and affordable costs, from Zaful.

Zaful is not a hoax. To ensure the financial security of each customer, Zaful established a team called Risk Control to ensure that each transaction is carried out or authorized by a payment account pouch.

Recommendation of the most reliable platform

If you still have doubts about the Zaful brand, you can choose another most reliable website, called Here you can also find several types of products, equipment, home kits, accessories, electronic products, toys, etc. This website provides a reasonable budget for your pocket products.

The portal also maintains first-class product quality. In addition, customers can find various types of guaranteed payment modes on this platform. It will only take a few days to transport the product, in other words, you can get all your needs in your doorstep with Bank of China.

The refund and replacement facilities can also be used on this website. So you can believe it blindly.

bookmark_borderZaful Swimsuit Haul Review from Terra

Have you ever seen a brand name’s advertisements pop up in your Facebook feed and you state to yourself, “oh, that’s charming!”? That’s how I felt when I saw Facebook advertisements for Zaful for the millionth time. I didn’t actually understand much about the seller aside from they sell fashionable things at cost effective rates and they always appear to have a sale going on.Zaful Bikini Reviews

Sounds great, ideal? But stores like that can be hit or miss out on when it comes to quality. I understood this probably wouldn’t be the location I ‘d purchase a winter season coat, but because I required a few swimsuits for summer season holidays, I figured I ‘d provide Zaful a try.

For $44 I scored four matches. The total came to $55 with the addition of three sets of earrings. As you would anticipate, there were some benefits and drawbacks.

Zaful Swimsuit ReviewsIs Zaful Rip Off

During my hunt for a swimwear, the website was having a truly excellent sale, 3 bikinis for $33. Can’t beat that! I added a few to my cart and even chose up a 4th one since I loved it so much.

The very first product was this canary yellow one piece. The scalloped edges quickly caught my eye. But hmm, with cheap-y brands like this, the details can look shoddy up close and individual. And guess what? I was right! While I liked the fit and cut, some of the joints near the crotch looked undone and the outcome of bad craftsmanship, which hey, can you expect anything less from such an affordable one piece? General I enjoyed it but simply do not look too closely at the joints.Next was this leopard print two piece. Since leopard is such a neutral, I understood I ‘d be able to mix and match it with other pieces in my closet. This fit was all right. I wish the bottom would have been a bit more high waisted however when I returned and looked at the photo on the site, it’s true to the picture. But the one significant plus was the adjustable and detachable straps.

One pattern in swimwear is the suspender design bottom so when I saw this on Zaful’s website, I took it up. I liked the bottom and the high waist style but the black bandeau top was horrible. Simply waaaaay too tight. All of the matches I ordered were a medium however this fit like a small. I’m only an A-cup/small B and this top was annoyingly tight. Though I’ll use the bottom, the top has got to go.

Finally is this red bikini that I had to have due to the fact that of the front ties. Again, another top that was a bit tight/small. Perhaps I simply have a broad back but the top will not use much coverage if you’re a B cup or larger. And the cushioning appeared more noticeable in this fit than the others. However fortunately it’s removable.

Is Zaful a Scam Hot Review from Rachel Funchess

Overall I enjoyed with the fits, besides some tight fitting tops and the concern with the joints on the one piece. Something also worth nothing, a few of the bottoms are a bit cheeky, especially the yellow one. So if you choose more coverage on your bottom, a few of the matches may not be for you.

And the shipping? I received my approximated delivery date and a tracking number within a couple of hours. However even after checking the tracking number three days later, it specified my order had yet to be shipped. I got in touch with consumer service who reassured me that in spite of the tracking details stating my order hadn’t been delivered yet, I would certainly still receive the bundle by the delivery date. I was doubtful. But surprisingly, the bundle arrived the next day! So I think simply disregard whatever upgrade your tracking number offers you.

I ‘d purchase from Zaful once again but I would suggest attempting them out initially on an order like swim wears or summer season clothes and be conscious that any heavy detailing will just highlight it’s not a well made item. Also, while my order was on time, I have actually become aware of shipping hold-ups so be sure to provide yourself adequate time for any bundles to get here.