bookmark_borderSix Top Sects of Chinese Wushu

The sixth place is the Kongtong School, which has a long history and has been recorded in the ancient dictionary Erya of Qin and Han Dynasties. Today’s Kongtong School of Wushu is a combination of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism who has been practicing in the past dynasties and is good at fighting outside the Western Regions. More than 160 years ago, it was formed by Feiyunzi, the ancestor, and established a school of Wushu.

Six Top Sects of Chinese Wushu -Kongtong

The fifth place is Huashan School. The earliest history of Huashan School can be traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasty when there were many stories about swordsmen around Huashan. Over the years, Huashan School has become a well-known and upright school in Wushu. After more than 100 years of development, Huashan School’s martial arts, especially swordsmanship, have formed a complete set of perfect swordsmanship system, and have been trained by the masters of Huashan School in successive dynasties. Huashan School’s swordsmanship has become more and more exquisite, which has shocked the Wulin acoustically. Therefore, Huashan School is also known as the Huashan School of Swordsmanship.Six Top Sects of Chinese Wushu -Huashan School

The fourth place is the Kunlun School. Wushu is known as Kunlun School with Kunlun Mountain as its symbol, and it is a famous school of Chinese Wushu. The Kunlun School was also a branch of Taoism that rose in the late Ming Dynasty. It was located in the Kunlun Mountains in the eastern part of the Pamir Plateau. The Kunlun Mountains stretch for hundreds of miles, and the mountains are beautiful. Taoist practitioners come to practice one after another.Six Top Sects of Chinese Wushu -Kunlun School

The third place is Emei School. Emei School, Shaolin School, and Wudang School are the three main groups of Chinese martial arts. It is also a wide-ranging school. Especially in the southwest area, it is very powerful and can be said to be the leader.Six Top Sects of Chinese Wushu -Emei

The second is the Wudang School, which was founded in Wudang Mountain, Hubei Province, and is the family of the family. It began in Yuan Dynasty and flourished in Ming Dynasty. According to Huang Zongxi’s Epitaph of Wang Zhengnan in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, the Wudang School was created by Zhang Sanfeng of the Song Dynasty. Its characteristics are strong muscles and bones, and breathing technique. It emphasizes internal training, stresses static braking, flexibility and rigidity, short to long, slow to fast, biased to soft, main breathing, with shorthands. Wudang Wushu does not mainly attack, but it should not be infringed easily. After that, Taijiquan, Bagua Palm, Xingyiquan and other Neijiaquan were developed from Wudang Neijiaquan.Six Top Sects of Chinese Wushu -Wudang School

The first is the Shaolin School, which developed on the basis of folk Wushu, and folk Wushu is the soil for its development. It can be said that the gathering place of masters. The Shaolin school is also the most extensive, longest-standing and most diverse Wushu school in China, named after the Shaolin Temple in Songshan Mountains. Shaolin Wushu is gradually formed spontaneously in the long-term practice of martial arts by monks. Shaolin Wushu became famous in the world, which began in the late Sui Dynasty.Six Top Sects of Chinese Wushu -Shaolin School

bookmark_borderTop 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019 Part 1

Chinese Wuxia novels are a type of popular fiction in China. Most of them are portrayed as heroes by knight-errant heroes, describing their acts of martial arts, bravery, justice or rebellion. In the long history of the development of martial arts fiction, many excellent writers have emerged. They have written many excellent martial arts masterpieces, which are regarded as classics by later generations and are constantly brought to the screen. Here are the top 10 Chinese Wuxia novels 2019.

The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils - Top Wuxia Novels

The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is a martial arts masterpiece completed by Mr. Jinyong in four years. It has been adapted into a film and TV series many times. By describing Wulin’s resentment and national contradictions among several kingdoms, it examines and describes the society and life from a philosophical perspective, showing a magnificent life. The style of the work is magnificent and solemn, and it is an epic masterpiece with full human nature and strong tragic color.

Love Swordsman’s Unmerciful Sword is one of the representative works of Gulong‘s Wuxia fiction. It is the first in the “Xiao Li Fei Dao” series. The plot of the book is tortuous and moving, and its artistic achievements are very high, leaving readers with rich artistic models. It is not only a work to clarify the true meaning of martial arts, but also a painting to depict the human history of the world. It is also a masterpiece of warning that touches the social reality and explores the philosophy of life.

Love Swordsman's Unmerciful Sword - Top Wuxia Novels

Guanjushanshui is a martial arts novel written by Li Si, which breaks Jin Yong’s and Gu Long’s modes. It is a perfect combination of urban fiction and martial arts fiction. It is a rare martial arts masterpiece in the new century. The novel is a swordsman novel with Chaoshan area as its background. It introduces a series of knight-errant masters with distinct personality by waiting for the world’s top knight-errant in Sangpu Mountain on the top of the world.

Heroes is a contemporary swordsman novel written by Sun Xiao, a Taiwanese writer. It is praised as a swordsman novel with the features of Upper River Map in Qingming Dynasty. It makes the world of knight-errant more colorful, with a deep red and near blood sad color, and brings readers a completely different new body touch. It has a classical character, post-modern structure, full of emotional sadness, can be called a man’s knight-errant.

bookmark_borderTop 10 financial centers in China 2019 Part ‖

The upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River economic zone includes Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, and Jiangxi. Building a specialized production base of rice and cotton in agricultural areas and a deep processing industry based on agricultural products. Building raw material base dominated by steel and non-ferrous metallurgy, and the third-largest automobile industry base in China (Wuhan) and other transportation equipment industry base (motorcycle manufacturing in Chongqing).
Chongqing -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
The upper and middle reaches of the Pearl River economic zone includes Yunnan, Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. Constructing it into a research and development and production base of Chinese herbal medicine and biological products, the scenic belt along the Pearl River features the landscape of Guilin, the spring scenery of Kunming, the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou and the customs of ethnic minorities.
Guiling -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
Inner Mongolia economic zone. Giving full play to the advantages of coal, natural gas, water, and other energy resources there intensifying large-scale exploitation of these resources and becoming a new energy production base in China as soon as possible. Energetically developing high-energy-carrying raw material industries, protecting and making good use of natural grassland resources, and building a number of sand industrial bases.
Huhhot -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
Xinjiang economic zone. To build the largest cotton production base in China, vigorously develop oasis agriculture, accelerate the development of deep processing industry of agricultural products, strengthen the exploration and development of oil and natural gas resources, and build the largest continuous area of oil production in China,establish sand industry base.
Urumqi -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau economic zone includes Qinghai and Tibet. The main task is to protect the ecological environment of the roof of the world. Choosing the development of the superior resources, and adopting the protection type of development mode, avoiding the small-scale and decentralized resources development mode. Developing modern grassland animal husbandry, fence animal husbandry, and characteristic ethnic customs tourism.
Lhasa -Top 10 financial centers in China 2019
These are the general situation top 10 financial centers in China in 2019.