Top 10 Popular Mountains in China 2018 Part 2

The Mount Qomolangma is situated between China and Nepal with 8848 meters high, which is the highest peak in the world. The upper part of the mountain is covered with snow and ice all the year round, and the terrain is steep and high. It is the world mountaineering sports attention and yearning for the place.
Changbai mountain is located in the southeastern Jilin province of China and the border area of north Korea. Changbai mountain is a volcano with a history of eruption. The summit Tianchi is an eruptive crater lake. It is an important part of the international biosphere reserve.
Huashan is located in Huayin city, a historical and cultural hometown 120km east of Xi’an city, Shaanxi province. Among the five mountains, Huashan is famous for its dangers. The road to climb the mountain is winding as long as 12 kilometers. There are cliffs everywhere.
Wuyi mountain is located in Nanping city and Wuyi city of Fujian province, at the junction of Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. Wuyi mountain is famous for its rich natural and ecological resources, unique scenery, splendid and long historic culture and harmonious environment.
The main peak of Yushan mountain range is 3997 meters above sea level, which is not only the highest peak on Taiwan island, but also the highest peak in the southeast coastal area of China. Because of its high altitude and the mountain top snow all year round. White snow and ice as a pile of jade generally covered the mountain top, the landscape is magnificent.
Wutai mountain is located in Wutai county, Shanxi Province. Also known as Qingliang mountain, it is a good place to escape the summer heat. Wutai mountain is one of the four famous buddhist mountains in China. Exquisite architecture, exquisite carving, realistic statues and paintings throughout the temple.
That is top 10 popular mountains in China 2018.

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