Top 10 Popular Flowers in China 2018 Part Ⅰ

Different flowers contain different levels of spiritual and cultural deposits in China. They are in flower bound develop a school of one’s own independently, marking the special meaning of Chinese traditional culture. Here are the top 10 popular flowers in China 2018.Plum Blossom in Snow
The plum blossom is Chinese nation and China’s spiritual symbol, has formidable and the universal power and the propelling force. Plum flower symbolizes the spirit of perseverance and self-improvement. The colder the weather is, the more energetic and beautiful the flowers will be.Peony
Peony is also known as riches and honor flower. Peony ornamental parts are mainly flowers, its flowers are elegant and gorgeous. In the late Qing dynasty, peony was regarded as the national flower of China. It is widely cultivated in China and has been introduced all over the world. And Luoyang‘s peony attracts a large number of tourists to visit the park every year.Muti-Color Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum is a perennial herb. People began to plant chrysanthemums more than three thousand years ago. The works of literati chanting chrysanthemum have been handed down till now. Chrysanthemum has long been a portrayal of the personality and integrity of literati in ancient China, and has been endowed with various symbolic meanings.The orchid
The orchid in Chinese tradition famous flower points to a few kinds of boat orchids that distribute in Chinese orchid genus only, such as Cymbidium goeringii, Cymbidium orchid, Cymbidium Ensi folium, Cymbidium sinense and Cymbidium kanran Makino, there are commonly referred to as China orchid. This kind of orchid has no eye-catching colorful state, no large flowers and leaves, but has a simple quiet, elegant and clean temperament.Chinese rose
Chinese rose is not only a traditional flower, but also a special product of China and a world famous flower, widely cultivated all over the world. It can be extracted essence, used in food and cosmetics spices.

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