The Best and Worst “Made in China” Products

When you think of Germany, you think of beer and cars. When you think of Switzerland, you think of watches and knives. When you think of Brazil, you think of samba and football, etc. What about China? China not only has culture, food and martial arts, but also high-speed railway, nuclear power and so on. At the same time, a large number of powerful and influential made in China brands, Chinese technology, made in China standards and Chinese creation stand out.
Now, many Chinse image brands have got rid of the low-level mode of counterfeiting and copying and started to move towards the correct path of independent research and development, independent manufacturing and independent creation.
Made in China Labels
Chinese brands have been  strong in research and development, whether they are the old parts manufacturers, or the emergence of made in China camera manufacturers in recent years. But they are still relatively weak in promotion channels. And it can be seen that most of the Chinese brands are still concentrated in the periphery of the photography circle that they touch the core of image products rarely. We know that the core of image is picture and video shooting, so the camera and lens is the most fundamental product of camera development.
Made in China USA
In the past, people might think that the America, Euro and Japan’s products seem more high-end and advanced. However, with the rapid development of national science and technology, made in China products are becoming more and more powerful. Many women choose Chinese cosmetics because they are not only good in quality but also cheap. Made in China smart phones also account for a large proportion in life.  From daily necessities to high-speed rail planes, the logo “Made in China” has penetrated into every aspect of life.
Made in China Map
Although “Made in China” is still immature in some aspects, we can all see that it has been moving forward. And we believe that “Made in China” will become stronger.

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