Top 5 Female Business Leaders in China 2018

In recent years, women have played an increasingly important role in the leadership of large companies. These outstanding women leaders have played important roles and achieved great success in business, both in their time and in their fields. Here are top 5 female business leaders in China 2018.Dong Mingzhu
Dong Mingzhu which are chairman of Gree electric appliances, topped the list. Dong Mingzhu used to seize many opportunities to speak for Gree. Born in 1954, she worked in administration at a chemical research institute before age 36. At the age of 36, she went to Zhuhai to join Gree in business and created a personal sales volume of 36.5 million yuan in one year.Peng Lei - Lucy Peng
Peng Lei(Lucy Peng) is not only one of Alibaba‘s early founders, but also the director of financial carrier ant financial services. She is now one of the three most important female executives at Internet companies around the world. But she is extremely low key and reserved, rarely giving media interviews and never talking about her personal life.Sun Yafang
Sun Yafang has been chairman of Huawei for 17 years. After entering Huawei, Sun Yafang was in charge of human resources and market most of the time, and established a market organization system and human resources system for Huawei.Wu Yajun
Wu Yajun was born in 1964. She was a mechanical engineer, a journalist, an editor, and now the chairman of Longhu group. She became the world’s richest self-made woman in 2012 and now has a fortune of 33 billion yuan.
Lu Qianfang keeps a low profile. She is the vice chairman of the board of directors of Yagule real estate holdings limited. For two consecutive years, she was listed in the top ten of Hurun Rich Women’s List.
These outstanding women leaders are role models for us to follow. Their strategies and cognition are worth thinking about.

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