2020 Top 10 Xianxia Novels

Many readers once said when watching Wangyu’s “The Legend of Mortal Cultivation”, “After a mortal, there will be no immortal chivalry”, to express their love for mortals and their unfulfilled expectations for the subsequent fairy chivalry novels.

However, I think there are still many fine Xianxia novels that are worth seeing every year, and some of them have also brought a new Xianxia trend. Let’s talk about the top 10 Xianxia novels in China in 2020.

1. “Come on, Sword”(Jian Lai) Author: Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou

“The Sword” by Feng Huo Xi Zhu Hou is the most popular Xianxia novel in recent years, but for the style of the novel, people who like it are still very fond of it, and those who don’t like it can’t see it after reading it several times, just follow it. It’s the same when watching “Snow Fighter”. But I have to say that the popularity of “Jianlai” is invincible. According to the orange melon codeword data platform, it can be queried that “Jianlai” has long been ranked at the top of the list on multiple platforms and many lists. Single dominates the list first.


2. “My Senior Brother is Too Steady” Author: Yan Gui Zhen Zhuan

Xianxia novels leading a trend of “stable flow” in 2020, “My Senior Brother is Too Steady” has a unique style, which contrasts with the previous protagonist of Shuang Wenlong Aotian, which is impressive.

My Senior Brother is Too Steady

3. “Da Feng Da Geng Ren” Author: Mai Bao Xiao Lang Jun

This novel uses overhead history and the theme of fairy heroes. It is easy and efficient and has many stalks. It has a sense of novelty. The great hero in the book is full of emotions for the country and the people. This is also a hot book that has consistently ranked among the top three best sellers at the Qidian Novels. In addition, quietly speaking, there are a lot of 18X.

Da Feng Da Geng Ren

4. “Lord of the Big Dream” Author: Wang Yu

It is said that it is a customized text for Fantasy Westward Journey. After chasing for a month, it still feels like a “mortal flow”. Those who like this style are worth seeing. The overall feeling is still good, but when I am used to the fast-paced situation, I decided to raise the same. Wait until the number of words gets more.

Lord of the Big Dream

5. “Lan Ke Qi YuanAuthor: Zhen Fei Shi

When many people refer to this Xianxia novel, they all talk about the “scent of fairy”. When the fantasy novel was in full swing, the Xianxia novel was actually greatly affected. Although it was the skin of the Xianxia, it actually felt like a fantasy, without the “fairy flavor”, but this one was different.

Lan Ke Qi Yuan

6. “Mysterious Resurrection” Author: Fou Qian Xian Hua

A Xianxia novel that has made people feel amazing in recent years and the attention and discussion in the Xianxia novel circle is very high, except that the update is a bit slow, and it has no shortcomings.

Mysterious Resurrection

7. “Xuan Hun Dao Zhang” Author: Wu Dao Zhe

This is a new book by the author of “Da Dao Zhen Feng”. The writing style is very good. The author continues the character design of the previous work, the style is more lively, and the reading is more interesting.

Xuan Hun Dao Zhang

8. “Wen Dao Hong Chen” Author: Ji Cha

Very good, a type of writing style that old drivers should like, um, is the harem writing, and the writing is delicate, and the female portrayal is very brilliant. Generally speaking, Ji Cha’s novels never disappoint, and I like them all. And the results are very good, early on reaching the achievement of an average of 10000 subscribers.

Wen Dao Hong Chen

9. “Three Cun World” Author: Er Gen

Xianxia Platinum Author Er Gen’s work, perhaps a reader who read Ergen’s novels before was not very interested in this book, in fact, the level is about the same, but after being familiar with it, there is no freshness. Even so, the performance of “Three-Cun World” is still very strong, and Baidu’s ranking has long been in the top ten.

Three Cun World

10. “The Immortal Officials of the Great Zhou Empire” Author: Rong Xiaorong

I have not personally read this book. According to my friends, it is generally good, the writing is smooth, the text looks very comfortable, the plot design is also remarkable, the results are also very good, and I ordered it very early. Many people criticized the books for taking the Tao Te Ching, Buddhist scriptures, and other things on the earth into advanced exercises. This kind of copying was a very common setting in the past, but it still seems to be this way now. It’s a bit old-fashioned.

The Immortal Officials of the Great Zhou Empire


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