2020 Best Wuxia Novels

Jin Yong wrote a lot of classic martial arts(Wuxia) novels before, and now the era has become more developed, and more people like to read novels on the Internet, so what good online Wuxia novels are there now? The editor brings you the top ten in the 2020 online Wuxia novel rankings.

1. “Phoenix Trees without Moon” Author: Queyuewutong
This is a Wuxia novel that is extremely close to reality. Some people say that if Jin Yong used martial arts novels to create a parallel universe, then “Phoenix Trees without Moon” would connect the real world with this parallel universe. This is a classic Wuxia novel with dark satire.

2. “Xi Qing Chronicle” Author: Hong Zhuxia
It belongs to the story of the rivers and lakes, which is based on history but is above the history, is purer, more thorough, more real, more delicate, Qiushui-like characters deduced in the bleak imperial court. The vivid sense of history, the rich palace atmosphere, the tumultuous thoughts, and disputes, and the bleak sunset over the capital, the young man who was originally called Yan Jiu, and later changed his name to ward off evil, only reveals the back of the green shirt, which is unforgettable for a lifetime. This book is said to be ranked second in martial arts novels. The author is still a girl.

3. “Canghai” Author: Feng Ge
Feng Ge is currently one of the few novelists who still insists on writing Wuxia. Series such as “Kunlun” and “Canghai” have always been popular Wuxia classics.

4. “Cup of Snow” Author: Xiao Tie
It’s the second time to push “Being Snow”. Xiao Tie is the new master of Wuxia novels. This work is his masterpiece. It tells the story of chivalry and friendship in the troubled times of the Song Dynasty. All of them have been discussed in-depth, and the poetry dictionary is just in hand, and the joys and sorrows are all in the pen, which represents the extremely high level of the new martial arts.

If you come to the sky late to snow, can you drink a cup?

5. “The Dead” Bing Ling Shen Xia
Introduction: A dead man’s sutra, half a book of innocence.

Cut off a thousand heads and swallow a hundred bones.

6. “Heroes Kingdoms” Author: Sun Xiao
Jin Yong sealed the pen and the ancient dragon passed away, the only heroes in the arena.” Hmm…

7. “Guo Se Shen Xiao” Sha Mo
Introduction: Six dragons gather soldiers, the Bodhisattva opens the door! A weird and terribly shocking trap, there are games in the game, there are tricks in the plan, the truth is true, the false is true, who is the one who is in the plan, who is the layman?

What kind of secret story is enclosed in the dust after the eight-character admonition? Are wolves patrolling the world? Or sly fox hiding from the world? A song of praise to the hero, a curtain of beauties rolled up one after another!

8. “Budo mad Poem” Author: Qiao Jingfu
If you have friends in Hong Kong, you should be very familiar with this work. In fact, this novel has only five chapters serialized online and has been published as a physical book. This work is a masterpiece of the new school of Wuxia novels, using martial arts, like its title, the poems of martial arts madness, madness, burning, and passion, for the best in the world, a group of martial artists happily die, just for the martial arts in their hearts.

9. Shaolin Eight Wonders, Tian Mosheng
Introduction: There are no surprises in the greatness of the arena. Sleeping can also practice magical skills, ancient and modern at home and abroad, also considered strange.

Shaolin disciple Fang Jianming was upright, loyal, and funny. He walked through the sinister rivers and lakes, but he was always able to maintain a heart of innocence.

10. “Datang Escort” Author: Jin Xunzhe
The most impressive thing about this novel is that it is full of chivalry.

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