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Recently for my Hawaii trip, I ordered a bunch of bathing suits from Zaful. I didn’t want to spend too much but wanted some cute new styles so I decided to give them a try. I had read some mixed reviews but took my chances because a $10 bathing suit not fitting is really not the end of the world. When I posted these on IG I got so many questions about how the fit was, the shipping time, the quality, etc. So ‘ve decided to do a full post around it instead of answering all the individual questions.


First things first, the quality. This was probably my biggest concern when I was ordering because I hated the thought of throwing my money away on something that would just fall apart. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I did sort of expect the worst with these but the quality is actually pretty good. I think it also depends on the style of the suit – I tried to stick with pieces that you couldn’t really F up too badly – I mean how hard is it to make a bandeau? The bow-tied set had a questionable fit when I first tried it on – the armpit area was baggy and it just wasn’t flattering, however, once I took the torpedo boob padding out the fit was MUCH nicer and I ended up packing it. The only crappy thing was that I had to cut the suit to take the padding out. Also on the high-waisted bottoms, the stitching ripped when I put them on, but that can happen with Zara or H&M pieces as well.

I would also suggest staying away from white bathing suits. I picked up a super cute and simple white bandeau set which I wore to the beach one day. Then I went in the water with my sister and she politely informed me that she could see absolutely everything LOL! I had to get her to bring me a towel so I could get out without flashing everyone. I think the issue is that the bottoms were only lined in the front SMH.

I will say, the good thing about Zaful is that their popular styles usually have a ton of reviews and pics so you can scour through and make sure you’ll like what you’re getting.


Now onto fit. This was another concern because I am very pear-shaped and my top portion is much smaller than my bottom. I had read a lot of reviews saying that they ran small and to size up but then I was worried a medium would be too big for the top. I took my chances and ordered my usual size – small. Surprisingly they all fit! The pink crinkled set has a smaller fit bottom in general but I was still able to get away with it. I would definitely suggest sticking with your regular size. I think also just watch to make sure you’re ordering the fit you’re wanting – they have a ton of styles and some have bottoms that are cheeky and some are more full coverage. Again, if you’re worried stick to a set that has lots of reviews/pictures so you can get a good idea.


I had read some horror story reviews in regards to shipping time and how some girls waited over a month to receive their orders. On the website, it says it will take 3-7 days just to prepare the delivery, before it actually ships, then shipping time to Canada is 10-25 business days!! That is a long friggan time. I didn’t have that long before my trip so when I ordered, I had them shipped to my mailbox in the states instead which was 8-15 business days, but I also paid the $10 (waived if you spend $100) to up the shipping to express which was 6-10 business days. So with all that, I ordered on the 2nd, 3/4 of my order shipped the same day and arrived on the 5th, and 1/4 shipped on the 9th and arrived on the 15th. So, I would say if you are going to place an order, definitely go for the express shipping, they also offer it to Canadians it’s just $2 more, but again waived with a purchase of $100.

I hope that helps to answer all of your questions!! I also linked to all the bathing suits I picked up below. Any other questions please ask in the comments below and I will be happy to answer!

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