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You won’t regret reading this classic article about hot and dry noodles (Regan Noodles) in Wuhan.

Regan Noodles - Top Chinese Food Mian

Hot and dry noodles (Regan Noodles) in Wuhan are the special snacks in Wuhan, Hubei Province. They were originally the special food of Wuhan. They are very popular in many places in Hubei Province. With the increasing population of Hubei people in other cities, hot and dry noodles can be seen in many places, which is one of the pasta favorites of many people. 1. Hot and dry noodles (Regan Noodles), Daoxiao noodles in Shanxi, Yifu noodles in Guangzhou, Dandan noodles in Sichuan and fried sauce noodles in North China are also known as the five famous noodles in China. They are premature snacks with Wuhan characteristics. Hot and dry noodles (Regan Noodles) are one of the most famous foods in Wuhan. They are an integral part of the life of Wuhan people. They have become the food representatives of Wuhan who occupy a place in the national snack representatives. 2. I haven’t been to Wuhan, and naturally, I can’t say that I have eaten authentic hot and dry noodles. But in view of my enthusiasm for noodles, I can’t eat authentic noodles, nor can I let go of the opportunity to do it myself. 3. The origin of hot and dry noodles is the same as that of many Chinese and foreign delicacies, which is a beautiful accident. A man accidentally knocked over the fragrant oil pot and spilled the oil on the cooked noodles. The next day, the noodles were cooked, heated and mixed with seasoning. The unexpected delicacy resulted in the birth of the famous hot and dry noodles.

Regan Noodles

Method of making. Step 1: Prepare peanut butter, mustard, sesame, chicken extract, salt, onion, garlic and chili oil for reserve.

Step 2: Squeeze peanut butter in a bowl.

Step 3: Add an appropriate amount of sesame and stir evenly, chop mustard and garlic.

Step 4: Make peanut butter: mix soy sauce, old soy sauce, vinegar, chicken essence, salt, garlic powder, mustard and chili oil evenly.

Step 5: Boil hot water in the pot, add noodles, boil for 20 seconds, and take out water.

Step 6: Add sesame and onion to the seasoning bowl to decorate it.

Step 7: Finished products.

Hot and Dry Noodles Wuhan

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