“Nezha” – Made in China Movie – Is Popular Throughout the Network

Douban score 8.7, “Nezha” is popular throughout the network: “My life depends on myself, not the fate!”

We may have lost the blood of that year and began to accept that we are just ordinary people. But there is still a fire in my heart. At some point, it will burn for a belief.

Do not accept life is Nezha’s life, do not give up the flame is our life. As long as you know where you want to go, no one can stop you!

To every young man with warm blood.

What’s your favorite scene about Nezha?

Nezha Ao Bing - Made in China Movie - Is Popular Throughout the Network

In my deepest impression, the scene is not that he committed suicide in the east sea, pulled out dragon tendons and beat up third princes of the dragon king, but that the dragon king of the four seas flooded Chentangguan, with black clouds rolling and waves towering over the sky, forcing Nezha to commit suicide with his sword.

Li Jing said to him: “you are a perverse son! Your parents raised you, but you hurt your parents! What’s the use of keeping you?”

His father forced him to die, and the dragon king asked him to take his own life. At that time Nezha was only 7 years old. That was the most fearful time in his life. No one stood by his side, and he was disappointed and angry.

But even if he was scared again, Nezha still chose to be a hero and carry it all by himself.

He pointed at the Dragon King and said, “Old Dragon, listen to me, I should do everything by myself, and you should not harm the people!”

He looked back at his father and said the touching words: “Daddy! I’ll give you back your flesh and blood. I won’t hurt you! “

“Nezha raised his sword and cut off his flesh and blood piece by piece… Until he cut himself a lot of scars, leaving only a pair of bones standing. He abandoned his sword, raised his right hand to pull out the bone of his left arm, picked out the ribs one by one, and abandoned them all in the sea. At last, he could not stand up, laughed, and fell into the sea.

In our generation, many children were crying when Nezha cut off his flesh and blood, and it was returned to his parents.

Why is that?

Because in our parents’scolding and education, we love and hate them.

But you were born to them. They are kind to you. You can’t hate your parents. So you just want to give them back your body. From then on, they don’t owe you anything.

This is a rebellion against patriarchy and the strongest flame in the heart of rebellious children.

However, if this is Nezha, the pattern will be a little too small. Resistance to patriarchy can only prove that you’re still a child who hasn’t grown up.

And ” The Coming of the Devil Child of Nezha ” has completely changed. He is against the 


whole adult world.

“Nezha” has blown up the whole network since its launch. It is a masterpiece of domestic movies and has won unprecedented super-high evaluation in the history of national animation.

If you have a close look at the behind-the-scenes production team of the film, you will find that this is almost the best power in China. Special effects, character creation, the brilliance and innovation of the play are all very good.

It took three years to make the film and two years to write it. The film initially had more than 5,000 scenes, about three times as many as ordinary animation.

Among them, there are more than 1400 special effects lenses, accounting for 80% of the whole film. Their craftsmanship can be seen in many places.

Just a little detail, where the stone hit Nezha’s stomach, his stomach rebounded slightly, and the material of the clothes on his stomach was clearly visible.

There are Ao Bing‘s dragon scales, each dragon on the bottom of the sea pulls off its own scales and gathers them for him. It’s absolutely exquisite.

The film is full of laughter, and many scenes make you laugh, but the tear and ignition are also bursting.

Laughing, crying and bursting of energy are the most unique features of the film.

The significance of watching “Nezha” is totally different from other movies. Finally, we no longer n

eed to praise the animation of Disney and Pixar, nor look at Japanese animation like a god. We can also make top-notch works in China!

After watching this film, I can’t be calm for a long time. It’s the good work worth seeing many times.


Nezha - Made in China Movie - Is Popular Throughout the Network

01 “Break prejudices and don’t live in other people’s opinions.”

Nezha’s birth doomed him not to be an ordinary person, and his family was Li Jing’s family. Li Jing is the general soldier of Chentangguan, His wife was three years pregnant and finally gave birth to a meatball.

All the people who came to see the meatball as soon as he was born turned upside down.

All these unusual omens make all the people of Chentangguan believe that Nezha is an ominous thing and will bring disaster to the world.

Nezha wants to play with the local children. The children have no prejudice against him, b


ut the parents of the children call him a monster.

Nezha went to catch monsters, but they falsely accused him of doing all the bad things. On the beach, they beat all the sticks on him indiscriminately.

You are different from others. If you are too good and different, the adult world will accumulate numerous prejudices and slanders on you.

The prejudice in people’s minds is a mountain. You can’t move it anywhere you try.

Sun Yang won numerous gold medals because he was so excellent that Horton kept slandering him for five years and even refused to take a picture with him.

Zhou Xingchi‘s “Journey to the West with Big Talks” has created a distinctive Monkey King, with numerous scoldings, saying that he is a nonsense opera, and the introduction of the mainland was rated as “the ten worst imported films”.

How serious are the world prejudices of adults?

A girl gets promoted by her own efforts. They want to say that you have an affair with the boss.

When they see a young man who has made a career, they always judge him as either rich or related at home.

The world is full of prejudice. For different things, the first thing to think about is not appreciation, but attack.

Just as many people don’t agree with the image of Nezha, this edition looks darker than the


 innocent and lovely Nezha in our minds.

But this is exactly the ugliest one that the director has chosen from more than a hundred images.

He is to let the public hold prejudice against this Nezha because of the poor appearance of the characters, and through the wonderful plot of the film, to show the unique charm of the Devil boy Nezha, so that the audience can break their own prejudices.

If everyone likes you, what would you look like?

This is the theme of the film in response to practical action: break down stereotypes and don’t


 live in the opinions of others.


Nezha - Made in China Movie - Is Popular Throughout the Network2


02 If fate is unfair, I will fight it to the end

“If fate is unfair, I will fight it to the end.” This line is the most shocking thing I have ever heard from Nezha.

Nezha was originally the reincarnation of the magic pill, his fate was turned into a monster, for the sake of evil, three years later by the thunder came to accept, this is his fate.

But he had to fight against this unjust fate, and he had to turn his fate around by his own efforts!

So he gambled his life and saved Chentangguan from the whole crisis.

Ao Bing wants to cover the people of Chen Tangguan with the whole ice, which is tens of millions of tons of ice.

When Nezha flew into the sky, he withstood the ice with his own body.

He shouted and roared, and he finally broke out. His body burst into the most primitive six-arm shape, looking like a lotus from a distance.

At that moment, it really exploded.

What about being born a demon?

What is life?

What is innate destiny?

“If you ask me if a man can change his destiny, I don’t know, but I do know that denying Nezha’s destiny is Nezha’s destiny.”

Even if destined to become a demon and destined to accept the reincarnation of fate, he will change his fortune against heaven!

It is not only Nezha who chose to change his life, but also Ao Bing. Ao Bing‘s life is to steal spiritual pearls, kill people, become immortals and change the status quo of the Dragon Nation, as his father expected.

But he was unwilling to do such dirty things. He also chose to change his destiny, and eventually, he went to the good side.

The greatest theme of this film is to refuse to accept fate and be the master of one’s own destiny.

Sometimes I always think about what is life?

If I had to confess my fate, I might be a carpenter now, working hard with my father in woodwork that works overtime day and night.

I remember that when I failed in the college entrance examination, the university entrance examination was not good. Everyone advised my mother that the children in the countryside were doomed not to change their fate, now the college students can not find a job, and it is better for him to learn a craft with you as early as possible.

But my mother didn’t listen to them. She changed the money she sold rice to tuition fees and said, “Fate is not in other people’s mouth, but in your own hands.”

I’m glad I have such parents, who have been trying their best to lift me up.

I have always believed in fate, but I don’t admit it. I’ve seen too many people who don’t: I’ve seen my mother disabled and my brother and sister going to school. The family conditions are terrible. If she promises her life, she should marry a wealthy local family early, but she chooses to fight hard and support the whole family with her own strength. She also becomes a senior executive of a foreign enterprise.

I have seen people born in rural areas fail in college entrance exams three times, and finally go to school while working, and finally get into key undergraduate courses for the fourth time. If he had accepted his orders, he would have been the running water of a factory arranged step by step.

We have bad scripts, but also want to rely on our own ability, in exchange for a different destiny.

But too many adults have long chosen to accept their fate.

“That’s the way it is in my family. I can’t match anybody else!”

“I’m just a part-time worker. IQ is so ordinary. It’s too complicated and difficult to do.”

“I am a fat body, no matter how much exercise can not lose weight.”

“I’m not a natural reader, so let’s just study.”

We lived cautiously, exhausted our blood and enthusiasm, and became conservative adults who persuaded ourselves to give up.

But man has only one life. Why is he so anxious?

We are not the chosen ones. We know that hard work may just be a desperate throw, but how can we know the result without trying?

Westerners believe in God. They all believe that their destiny depends on God. But we Chinese do not. We have Hou Yi shooting the sun, Jingwei reclamation, Yugong moving mountains, Da Yu harnessing water…

What is life?

My life depends on myself, not fate.


03 “My biggest regret is that I didn’

t play shuttlecock with you.”

The greatest touches of the film are concentrated between two pairs of father and son, Nezha and Li Jing, Ao Bing and the Dragon King.

He kept Nezha at home for the sake of security.

He went to heaven to seek Yuanshitianzun for getting Nezha out of trouble., but missed the best opportunity to accompany his son.

But all this seems to be the absence of a father’s love.

Father never accompanied himself. He locked up his son in order to keep him alive.

And the Dragon King was full of revenge. He gave the best things to Ao Bing, such as spiritual beads and the hardest scales on his body. At the same time, he also gave Ao Bing the hard task of revitalizing the Dragon Nationality.

Ao Bing is not only his son but also the successor of his unfinished career.

These two fathers are much like most fathers in our lives.

They are always dignified and do what seems to be the most correct thing, under the banner of being good for their children, but ignore their children’s ideas.

There are too many generational gaps between the two generations, but eventually, we all choose reconciliation.

“My biggest regret is that I failed to kick shuttlecock with you.” This is a sentence that makes the whole audience cry.

Shuttlecock kicking represents the reconciliation between Nezha and his father, as well as the reconciliation between himself and the whole world.

The best state between parents and children is not how much you forced me, but how much we achieved together.

Children who have lost parental care since childhood have been looking for alternatives to their parents as adults. All they want in their life is their parents’approval.

But it won’t determine our life.

The real growth of a person is to recognize the limitations of parents, to break through the shackles of the original family, and to find their true direction.

Just as Nezha finally refused to let his father suffer for him, Ao Bing eventually abandoned the heavy responsibility his father imposed on him and regained his goodness.

This is their real growth, is that they have their own independent judgment on a matter, follow their hearts rather than obey the arrangements of their parents.

This is their journey of reconciliation with their parents and with themselves.

We will reconcile with our parents and grow up slowly. I saw the young man in white before, and I will never be able to let go of the original plot.

Noah has grown up, so have we.

This movie is not only animation for children but also an inspiration for adults.

“If you ask me if people can change their destiny, I don’t know. But I know that disobedience is the life of our generation.”

I like this passage very much: some things are invisible, you have to collide with very strong and powerful things, you will know what is the real self and what is fate!

We may have lost the blood of that year and began to accept that we are just ordinary people. It’s like knowing you’re a magic pill.

But there is still a fire in our hearts. At some point, it will burn for a belief.

Nezha refuses to accept his fate, and it is our fate not to give up the fire in his heart.

If the sky crushes you, split that day! If the land arrests you, crush the land! As long as you know where you want to go, no one can stop you!

To every young man with warm blood.

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