Top 10 Ticket Office Movie 2018 China Part 2

Monster hunt 2” tells the story of a family reunion when Tianyin and Xiaolan find Huba. In the movie, the actors wear various exotic costumes, which are not only rich in elements, but also the special effects shots are processed in the later stage. Music and dance are designed and choreographed by dancers from Japan, India and other countries.
Venom: deadly guardian” is adapted from the marvel comics, tells the story of Eddie brock, who is invaded and controlled by an unknown alien material symbiosis, and becomes an alternative superhero with good and evil.
Jurassic world 2” tells the story of a dormant volcano that becomes active on the island of nubra. Owen and Claire return to nublar island, save the surviving dinosaur on the island, but fall into the trap that vicious businessman lays, Owen and others smash the story of vicious businessman conspiracy.
Ex 3: goodbye ex” deals with sexual and emotional issues through ridicule and sensationalization. It poked at the laughter and tears of urban men and women. The plot of the movie touches the heart strings and makes the audience shed tears. The film resonated with many audiences.
No. 1 player” is based on the novel of the same name by Ernst Klein. The movie tells the story of a boy who has no place to live and is addicted to games in real life. But he relies on the deep going analysis to fictitious game designer, find the 3 keys that hide in pass card, pass game successfully, and still harvested net to love cummer. The plot is coherent, the main line is obvious, and the clues are well designed in the film.
So those are the top 10 ticket office movie 2018 China, and what have you seen?

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