Top 10 Ticket Office Movie 2018 China Part 1

2018 is coming to an end. Let’s take a look at top 10 ticket office movie 2018 China this year.
Operation red sea” has been praised by people since its release. The film tells the story of a Chinese navy commando team of eight who were ordered to evacuate overseas Chinese and won by a narrow victory finally. The film passes through real and cold-blooded war scenes, as well as a deep understanding of team tactics. It embodies the spirit of China’s modern military and demonstrates the value of peace.
Chinatown detective 2” tells the story of Tang Ren for a huge sum of money to cheat Qin Feng to New York to participate in the world famous detective competition, the content of the competition is to find the murderer of the grandson of Chinatown godfather seventh uncle. Two people combine again detect a case and risk life to fall apart New York.
I am not the god of medicine” is based on real events, but the specific character of the characters have some fictional and re-creation plot. This film is not only a rare domestic realism film with extremely high degree of completion, but also a work that uses sincerity to break down the so-called institutional barriers and win the audience by the shooting method of rules.
The richest person in Xihong city” talk about the goalie Wang Duoyu who mixes at third-class amateur football team, he be expelled from the team because the match loses but as inheriting his twice grandfather’s inheritance and obtaining a large sum of fortune, causing a series of events that make a person laugh and cry from this.
Avengers 3: infinity war” is the third in the “Avengers” franchise and the 19th in the marvel cinematic universe. Linked to “Thor: Ragnarok” and “Black panther”, the film tells the story of the avengers and their superhero Allies who sacrifice everything to prevent the destruction of half the universe.

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