Chinese Top 10 Famous Tea 2019 Part 2

Junshan Silver Needle is yellow tea, produced in Junshan, Yueyang, Hunan Province. It is made of unopened tender and fat buds. The buds are plump, straight and even, covered with hairs, golden in color, fresh in aroma, light yellow in brown and sweet in taste. Brewing it looks like the tip of a bud rushes to the surface of the water, hangs up, and then slowly sinks to the bottom of the cup.
Xinyang Maojian is a kind of green tea, which is produced in Xinyang, Henan Province. In 1990, Xinyang Maojian brand participated in the national evaluation and won the first place in the comprehensive quality of green tea. Xinyang Maojian is known as the king of green tea. According to the standard of picking a period of fresh leaves, it can be divided into spring tea, summer tea, and autumn tea. The tea is fragrant, and the soup is green. It has the functions of nourishing body fluid, quenching thirst, clearing heart and eyes, refreshing mind, removing greasy food, etc.
Wuyi Rock Tea is a kind of green tea, which is produced in Chong’an County, Fujian Province. Its shape is plump, tight and even, with twisted strips. Its leaf back is like frog skin with sand grains, commonly known as toad back. Its endoplasmic aroma is rich and meaningful, the taste is mellow and bitter, lubricating and refreshing, the soup is orange-yellow, clear and gorgeous. Its bottom is even and bright, its edges are scarlet or red-dotted, and its central mesophyll is yellow-green. It can soak six to eight times.
Tieguanyin in Anxi is an Oolong tea, which is produced in Anxi County, Fujian Province. Its leaves are heavy as iron, beautiful as Guanyin, and mostly spiral. The color is sandy green with natural orchid fragrance. The soup is clear, golden and sweet. The entrance is slightly bitter, instantly sweet, resistant to brewing, the bottom of the leaves is open, thick and bright, each tea has tea branches.
Qimen black tea is a kind of black tea, which is produced in Qimen County, Anhui Province. It is tightly roped, bright at the bottom of the leaves and dark in color. The soup is red, full-bodied and fragrant. Qimen black tea can be divided into three categories: traditional time, Qihongxiangluo and Qihongmaofeng, which are generally distinguished from shape and technology.
Chinese famous tea awaits everyone to taste. These are the Chinese Top 10 Famous Tea 2019.

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