Top 10 Most Beautiful women Stars in China 2019 Part 1

There is no shortage of beautiful women in the entertainment circle. There are too many beauty stars of the older generation and the younger generation. When it comes to picking the top 10 most beautiful women stars in China, everyone has their own opinion. Here is my opinion that top 10 most beautiful women stars in China 2019.Zhao liying
Zhao liying is a popular and powerful actress. She won the audience’s love by virtue of her beautiful and lovely appearance, and thus won good word of mouth. The broadcast of the TV series “The Journey Of Flower” made her more popular. She put her heart into every play and found her footing in her work. She honed her acting skills and created many popular characters.Dilireba - reba
With her exotic face and unique looks and temperament, Dilraba managed to gain attention in the entertainment industry. In the film “Fall In Love Like A Star”, Dilraba successfully creates an image of pure and lovely entertainment circle with no public pollution.Yang Mi - Top Beautiful Woman in China 2019
Yang mi‘s big eyes, slightly hanging at the end of the eyes, the high straight nose make the whole face full of three-dimensional sense. The most distinctive temperament of Yang mi is the one bit cool that gives fully in sex appeal. She is loved by more and more audiences because of her outgoing personality.
Tang yan is tall, slim and sweet. The first impression she gives is very gentle and eye-pleasing. Her facial features are smooth and comfortable at first glance. In “Legend of the immortal sword 3”, her dress can be said to be very amazing, coupled with her high level of appearance, acting is also very good inside, let her rise to countless fans.Zheng Shuang - Top Beautiful Women in China
Zheng Shuang is best known for “Let’s go watch the Meteor Shower“. Her eyes are stubborn,lovely and ignorant. She always has pure eyes and sweet smile, clever eyes let a person think of clever deer.

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