Top 10 Chinese Wuxia Novels 2019 Part 2

Kunlun is a martial arts novel published in 2005 by Feng Ge. Taking the late Song Dynasty and the early Yuan Dynasty as the historical background, the novel tells the story of Liang Xiao who grew up from a prodigal son to a generation of chivalrous men. Its plot is ups and downs, and its characters are vividly portrayed. It contains many elements, such as chivalry, love, hatred, family, country and the world. It involves astronomy, geography, organ mathematics, platoon arrangement and so on.

The Deer and the Cauldron, Jin Yong‘s last Kungfu novel, is peppered with playful words and permeated with a strong historical flavor. The novel takes the social history of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty as the background and describes the legendary experience of Wei Xiaobao, a teenager from the lowest social stratum.

The Smiling Proud Wanderer is a martial arts novel written by Jin Yong. Through narrating the experience of Linghu Chong, the great disciple of Huashan School, the novel reflects the course of the struggle for hegemony among all the factions in Wulin. The author does not set the background of the times. Similar scenes can occur in any dynasty, which reflects the unique political struggle of the Chinese people. At the same time, it also shows the lament for the struggle, which has a certain political implication.

The author of Shenzhou Qixia is Wen Ruian, a master of Taiwanese knight-errant. Wen Ruian said that although it was written in his youth, he could not surpass it in his old age, though he had more experience and thicker writing style. This is the gathering of heroes and martial arts are the best in the world.

The Biography of Heroes in Archery is Jin Yong‘s novel. It mainly tells the story of Guo Jing with the help of his bosom friend Huang Rong, who carried the hatred of his country and rushed into the society, and finally grew up into a generation of heroes and heroes through innumerable experiences.

Shaolin Bajue is written by the Internet writer Tianmosheng. The book tells about different Wulin. And the protagonist is a monk. It is a martial arts in the new century and has long occupied the top place in the martial arts fiction list. It tells us that the only way to reach the highest level of Wushu is to pursue and exercise constantly.

These are top 10 Chinese Wuxia novels.

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