Top 10 Chinese Noodles 2018 Part Ⅱ

Zhenjiang pot cover noodles originated in 1751 AD. The noodles used for pot cover noodles are skip noodles. The noodles have pores, marinate easily and are chewy in the mouth Pot cover noodles of the base material is also very exquisite, secret soy sauce plus more than 10 kinds of seasoning, taste is very delicious.Zhenjiang pot cover noodles
Jilin Yanji cold noodles is a traditional Korean food, it uses buckwheat flour or wheat flour. Buckwheat noodles covered with beef, apples, pickles, from a large bucket ladle of cold sour and sweet soup poured on the surface. It’s very cool to have a bowl of cold noodles.Yanji cold noodles
Shanxi sliced noodles are popular in the north. Dough in your left hand, machete in your right. Cut the dough into small pieces and put them into a pot of boiling water. Boil it out, add Saozi, condiment to eat. It is soft but not sticky. The chewer it is, the more delicious it is. It is very popular.Shanxi sliced noodles
Dandan noodles in Sichuan is a famous snack in Chengdu. When the noodles are cooked, ladle them with minced pork. The noodles are thin with marinade, fresh and spicy. This dish is widely spread in Sichuan and is often served as a snack at banquets.Dandan noodles
Hot and Dry Noodles is the most popular food for breakfast in Wuhan. It enjoys a high reputation for its low price and delicious taste. The noodles are thin and tenacious, and the taste is delicious. It is mixed with sesame oil, sesame sauce, spiced pickles and other ingredients, more characteristic. When eating noodles smooth and tenacious, sauce fragrant flavor, let people increase appetite.Hot and Dry Noodles
There are many kinds of pasta in China with a long history. People eat more than 1,200 kinds of noodles in their daily lives. That is the top 10 Chinese noodles 2018.

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