bookmark_borderMade in China Smartphone Rank 2018

With the development of information technology, smartphone has become more and more important for people. At the same time, the sales volume of made in China mobile smartphones is also increasing, so what is its ranking?

NO.1 HuaweiHuawei

Huawei has a clear positioning, better price ratio, fast running speed and excellent quality, and is loved by people.

NO.2 Oppo

Oppo smartphone is very popular through advertising and marketing, celebrity endorsement, and naming variety shows with high audience rating. At the same time, the powerful beauty and appearance of mobile phones are popular among women. By the way, it is also one of the hottest smartphone in India.

No. 3: MiMi

Mi smart phones are attractive in appearance and have different quality phones. At the same time, its features such as high price ratio and good smoothness are very popular among young people. What’s more, Mi is now the top one smartphone seller in India. 

No. 4 Meizu

Meizu is a medium and high-end brand mobile phone. It is famous for its fashionable appearance and strong design sense.  At the same time, its innovative and smooth operation speed has increased its sales in recent years. 

No.5 GioneeGionee

Gionee smart phone looks mature and stable, its details and quality is very good, and it is suitable for business people to use.

NO.6 HonorHuawei Honor

Honor phone is a product of Huawei. It has a fashionable appearance and high price ratio, and is popular among young people.

NO.7 VivoVivo

The Vivo mobile phone is similar to the OPPO mobile phone, both of which are promoted through celebrity endorsement and TV advertisements. Therefore, this mobile phone is also popular among young people.

The above is the made in China smartphone Rank in 2018. I hope you have a good understanding of Made in China mobile phones 2018. These phones are very excellent and sell well in other countries. Compared with the other products, Made in China mobile phones are more attractive and cheap for people. Therefore, in this case, it will have an impact on international trade.