bookmark_borderTop 10 Popular Flowers in China 2018 Part Ⅱ

Rhododendrons grow in warm and semi-shade environments, suitable for the growth of acid humus soil. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 800 species of rhododendrons in the world, and 650 species of rhododendrons originated in China. Rhododendrons can be used as medicine. In particular, the wild rhododendron orientalis of northeast and north China has a very significant curative effect.Rhododendrons
Camellia is a famous woody ornamental plant, which has very high ornamental value and performs excellent prospects of industry development. It is mostly used for landscaping gardens in the south and potted plants indoors in the north.Lotus
Lotus is a growth in China, Japan, Malaysia and other East Asian aquatic herb, the Chinese as early as 3000 years ago that is cultivated, it shows a long history. It is always praised for his immaculate character. It has always been one of the themes for poets and mohists to sing and paint. Lotus embodies the Chinese people’s yearning for beauty and truth, which has been deeply rooted in the spiritual culture of the Chinese people.Camellia
Osmanthus blossoms around the National Day, is a symbol of good luck. Osmanthus is a small evergreen tree of rhinoceros family, which is the city flower of Hangzhou. Its economic value is very high, the flower can extract spices, but also can smoke scented tea. When the flowers bloom, the fragrance of a wide range of symbols of good luck and fragrance in the sense of glory.Osmanthus
Narcissus is a traditional Chinese flower. Zhangzhou narcissus is the most famous narcissus, it has beautiful form, loved by the people, and sold well in the international market. Narcissus can be used at decorating a study and sitting room, that appears especially exuberant.Narcissus