High Quality Products Made in China 2018

Every year, China has witnessed a number of major projects that have attracted worldwide attention. These projects have not only demonstrated the strong strength of Chinese manufacturing, but also demonstrated the strong driving force of Chinese intelligent manufacturing.beidou satellites
In 2018, “Made in China” took a big step forward. China launched several beidou satellites, launched the first flight of its own large amphibious aircraft AG600 over water,  and completed the sea trial of its first domestically built aircraft carrier.
On November 6, the j-10b thrust vector verifier, which was developed by China, performed many typical over stall maneuvers in public at the 12th Zhuhai air show. The j-10b thrust vector verification machine has demonstrated its excellent flight performance incisively and vividly. The successful development of the j-10b thrust vector verifier marks that China has become one of the few countries to master this key technology in the world.  j 10b Fighter
On November 7, “AI synthetic anchor” officially appeared at the 5th world Internet conference which is the world’s first fully simulated intelligent virtual host. “AI synthetic anchor” uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to clone a host with the same broadcasting ability as a real anchor. This has not only achieved technological innovation and breakthrough in the field of global AI synthesis, but also pioneered the synthesis of real-time audio, video and AI real person images in the field of journalism.AI synthetic anchor
The essence of human progress is scientific and technological progress. Every leap in social form is driven by scientific and technological progress. All developed countries are technologically advanced. China has lagged behind developed countries in science and technology due to its late development, but the exciting news keeps coming over time. Today, the world is shocked by China’s achievements. We look forward to the future of “Made in China” for people to bring higher quality products.

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