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Guangzhou has a population of 12.7 million. It is the largest city in south China and one of the economic centers of China. Guangzhou is positioned by the state council as an international metropolis, one of the three comprehensive gateway cities and one of the five national central cities.GuangZhou - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Baoding has a population of 11.19 million. Hebei has always been a populous province. Baoding is also the pearl of north China, one of the central cities in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The main ethnic group in Baoding is the Han nationality, and the ethnic minorities with a large population are Hui, Manchu and Mongolian.Baoding - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
In eighth place was Harbin with a population of 10.63 million. It is one of the economic centers in northeast China, an important industrial town. Harbin is located in the center of northeast Asia, known as the pearl of the Eurasian land bridge. It is not only the first Eurasian land bridge and an important hub of the air corridor, but also a famous historical and cultural city in China, a hot tourist city and an international ice and snow cultural city.Harbin - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Suzhou has a population of 10.46 million. It is a famous historical and cultural city in China, an emerging industrial city, with a large amount of foreign investment and excellent geographical location, which makes the city enjoy strong economic growth and constantly absorbs the foreign population.Suzhou - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Shenzhen has a population of 10.35 million. Shenzhen is the first special economic zone established by China's reform and opening up and the window of China's reform and opening up. It has developed into an international city with certain influence and is an important city in south China. Along with the rapid development of Shenzhen SEZ, the population fo Shenzhenhas undergone fast increase, in particular the temporary population and floating population.Shenzhen - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
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China is a country with a large population. There are top 10 most populous cities in China 2019.
Chongqing, situated at the Chinese southwest, is the biggest area, the most population and also only interior municipality of china. It is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government of China. According to the latest data, Chongqing's population totaled 30.48 million in 2017, ranking first among all the cities in the country. Such a large population is even larger than the total population of many provinces.Chongqing - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
The population of Shanghai is 23.01 million. It is the economic center of China and one of the transportation, technology, industry, finance, exhibition and shipping centers. Shanghai port ranks first in the world in terms of cargo throughput and container throughput. And the transportation of Shanghai is convenient with its superior geographical position and as a good harbor.Shanghai Wai Tan - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Beijing has a population of 21.61 million. It is the capital of China, a famous historical and cultural city, and the largest city in the north of China. It is the national political center, cultural center, international exchange center, science and technology innovation center. Many young people choose to come to Beijing to make a career. The population of Beijing is increasing gradually.Beijing - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Chengdu has a population of 14.04 million. It is the largest city in the southwest and one of the western economic centers in China. In 2015, it was approved by the state council and upgraded to an important national high-tech industrial base, trade and logistics center and comprehensive transportation hub.Chengdu -Jingli - Top 10 Most Populous Cities in China
Tianjin has a population of 12.93 million. It is one of the four municipalities directly under the central government, one of the northern economic centers, the national advanced manufacturing research and development base, the northern core area of international shipping, the financial innovation operation demonstration zone, and the reform and opening up pilot zone.Tianjin - The Eye of tianjin
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Liu shishi is a very elegant goddess. Having learned dancing, she has a unique temperament and image. Her eyes are long and thin, and the curvature of the eyelids is small, which always gives people a feeling of nobility and melancholy. Liu shishi is a dedicated and modest actor. With the broadcast of startling by every step, she won a lot of popularity.Liu Shishi - Top Beautiful Woman in China 2019
Liu yifei has always been called the fairy sister. Her eyes are slender and upturned, which is the eye shape of the phoenix eye, with typical Chinese classical flavor. Even if she is wearing only light makeup is very reiki, eyes as if there is a spring.Liu Yifei
Wang likun's without makeup is really beautiful to forget. She has a fair skin and a sweet smile. She has a deep love for dancing, and it is her years of dancing experience that endows her with a firm and serious flexible character. She moves freely on camera. In addition to expression, she is also good at using body shape when communicating with the camera.
Liu tao has a noble appearance. No matter in or out of the show, Liu tao never allows himself to have a fixed label. She constantly subverts herself and shows a variety of possibilities, from the elegant side of her body to the handsome side. As an actress, she was always willing to make breakthroughs and refused to compromise.Liu Tao - Top Beautiful Women in China
Tong Liya was honored as the 2004 class flower (most beautiful) of the Central Academy of Drama when she was still in college. She is a beautiful Xibo girl with a strong interest in art. From the facial features, Tong liya's face is also impeccable. She has big eyes, a high nose, melon seed face, and two small dimples. Her smile made her tiger's teeth look even more lovely.Tong Liya - Top Beautiful Women in China
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