Which City’s manufacturing industry is stronger, Suzhou or Wuhan?

Suzhou has an industrial park, and Wuhan has an Optics Valley, Industrial Park. Both Suzhou and Wuhan are important manufacturing cities in the country, but the manufacturing directions of the two cities are still very different.

Wuhan’s military industry is very developed, and ship rockets and electromagnetic guns can be built. These are the shortcomings of Suzhou. There are 4 emerging industrial clusters in Wuhan, namely Wuhan integrated circuits, new display devices, next-generation information networks, and biomedicine. The numbers are as large as those in Beijing and Shanghai, but there are none in Suzhou.

The positioning of the two cities is different. Suzhou is positioned as a manufacturing base in Shanghai, providing manufacturing services for Shanghai. Wuhan is positioned as a national strategic emerging industry base, several grades higher than Suzhou. Labor-oriented industrial workers go to Suzhou, and technical high-end talents go to Wuhan.

Although Suzhou’s GDP is now higher than that of Wuhan, Wuhan’s advantages in science, technology, education, and transportation are far beyond those of Suzhou. Suzhou’s economy is built by factories, and the contribution rate of Wuhan is higher than that of Suzhou.

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