New Film “Sweeping Dark Storm” Was Finished, Zhang Yixing in Police Uniform

In recent years, Zhang Yixing’s career has developed rapidly, and he has achieved excellent results in film, variety shows, and business. In addition, Zhang Yixing has recently opened his own entertainment company and recruited trainees on a large scale. It can be said that his career has blossomed. Nowadays, Zhang Yixing no longer needs to say more about singing and dancing on stage, and he has won numerous awards and is full of praise. However, Zhang Yixing is still a beginner in film and television.Honglei

Previously, “Golden Eyes” starring Zhang Yixing and “Da Ming Fenghua” starring Zhang Yixing have been broadcasted, and the response is very good. Now Zhang Yixing has led the starring of a TV series “Sweeping Dark Storm” with the starring of the anti-black theme and has partnered with Sun Honglei and Liu Yijun. Waiting for the capable actors are very exciting.Zhang Yixing Lay

It is reported that the TV series “Sweeping Dark Storm” has been filmed for more than a few months. On January 4, the series ushered in the finale. A video platform released a group of still photos of the leading actors. From the photos, it can be seen that Sun Honglei is wearing a black trench coat and holding it in his hand. A piece of ignited paper, I don’t know what it’s burning, it’s a big brother, but the flat eyes he wears add a sense of art; Zhang Yixing is in a black leather jacket and looks very handsome. Watching gestures should be an action scene with the enemy. We are fighting, which is looking forward to; the powerful Liu Yijun has a hairstyle with Qi Liu Hai, which is very aura.Zhang Yixing Lay 2

Sun Honglei, Zhang Yixing, and Liu Yijun starred in the TV series “Sweeping Dark Storm”. In addition, Jiang Shuying, who had worked with Sun Honglei and Zhang Yixing, also participated in the show. Of course, it was a special star. Jiang Shuying’s long black hair can be seen in the stills. , Also wearing a flat mirror, there is a sense of mystery after opening the curtain.

In addition to the release of stills, “Sweeping Dark Storm” also released the trailer and the finale for the first time. In the trailer, the role played by Sun Honglei seems to reproduce the former Liu Huaqiang‘s eldest brother Faner, in a black suit. It’s still the aura of walking, which is very enjoyable.

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