Huang Zitao Shows the Interior View of the Luxury Private Jet

On January 4, Huang Zitao shared a few recent photos on social platforms. In the photos, he was wearing a black casual suit and white sneakers. He dressed very casually and comfortably. Facing the camera, Huang Zitao pressed the concave shape of the baseball cap with his hand in a handsome and stylish posture.

Huang Zitao
Huang Zitao also posted photos of dining with his company’s female artist Xu Yiyang, and another colleague. It can be seen that Huang Zitao as the boss is still very approachable and does not put on the boss’s pretense.

Huang Zitao Dinner
Huang Zitao’s place should be his private jet. From the photos, the low-key interior decoration of the aircraft reveals luxury, mainly white, supplemented by brown. The overall look is atmospheric and comfortable.

Huang Zitao Selfie
It is worth noting that the price of this pink, dog-shaped object that Huang Zitao posted is not cheap. It is a Bluetooth speaker from a well-known French designer brand. It integrates artistry and practicality. The appearance is silly and cute. Loved by the public. On a shopping platform, the small speaker is worth 7,000 yuan, while the large one is as high as 20,000 yuan.

Huang Zitao Bluetooth Audio
Some time ago, Huang Zitao also posted photos of gatherings with colleagues in a private jet on social platforms. From the photos, it can be seen that the interior of the aircraft is magnificently decorated with complete facilities and a large area.

Huang Zitao Dinning
During the period, there will be flight attendants serving drinks and food for several people, which can be said to be quite enjoyable.

Huang Zitao Lay
In addition, Huang Zitao also has his own private room on the plane. He lies on the bed casually with a relaxed posture and looks quite enjoyable.

Huang Zitao's Watch
In fact, these are nothing to Huang Zitao, who is a rich second generation, after all, he has such spending power. From the daily life dynamics shared by Huang Zitao on social platforms, it can also be seen that famous watches, luxury cars, and luxury houses are just part of his life.

Huang Zitao made his debut in South Korea and was a member of the super popular boy group EXO. After suffering a physical injury, Huang’s father announced that he would cease cooperation with Huang Zitao’s agency. After returning to China, Huang Zitao not only continued to run his acting career but also started a company of his own, which can be said to be young and purposeful.

After all, everyone’s living environment is different, and there is no need to compare. And now Huang Zitao is also opening up the territory of his own career and expects him to bring more surprises to the audience.

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